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Giftmas Quest 2010 - My Cosmetics Wishlist

I'm not greedy.  Well maybe a little but who isn't at times.  You know you have a list somewhere, mental or written down of all the lovely and awesome things you'd get for yourself if you had endless supplies of cash to spend.  I didn't write that list here, I just picked a few items I really want off of it.  Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencils - I know they aren't out yet but if they were the first thing on my list would be Urban Decay's new 24/7 Shadow Pencils.  Swatched and reviewed Here (Part 1) and Here (Part 2)  by Temptalia.  I want them cause they are the same amazing quality as Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliners and they are super easy to apply.  Perfect for those of us that want some color in the morning without having to spend a lot of time doing their make-up.  Or for those of us that are running perhaps perpetually late and need to trim down their make-up routine some. *looks innocent and whistles* Benefit All You Need Is Gloss - Really that is all

FTW Friday's the Win FTW

FTW or Friday's the Win is a recurring theme every Friday.  Since everyone looks forward to Friday's arrival each week I figured it'd be a good time to share with everyone here at Geek Faerie what made your week filled with extra awesomeness!  Maybe you finally discovered how to clone Leonard Nimoy.  Maybe you had so much fun playing with your new Faraday cage.  Or maybe you've figured out how to turn your XboX into a Transformer so it can do battle with your newly transformed PS3.  Whatever it is that made your week tell us all about it here. For me it was knowing that I had so many good friends at work, at home, and on the Internet.  Thank you all so much for your support, your love, your caring, and most of all for being there.  I wish my arms were big enough to hug you all at once. <3 Now it's your turn!  What made your FTW or Friday's the Win even better this week?

Giftmas Quest 2010 - Etsy Shops

I decided to take some time create a few posts entitled Gitmas Quest 2010.  These posts will be filled with gift ideas, shops, items I've gotten and would recommend, websites, Etsy shops, whatever I feel like that will help you out this Holiday in the gifts department. This post is comprised of Etsy shops I've favourited or have made purchases from.   I've categorized them and added a short blurb for each of what I like about each of these shops. Clothing BRANDED - The Vintage Dad shirt is what caught my eye.  But I fell in love with the Grr Argh! Whedon Monster shirt! taraduff - Do you also have a teen that wishes he could grow an entire beard instead of the tufts of down he's sporting now?  Help him along this Holiday with a bearded knit cap. BabyEtte - I don't have a baby of my own but I've always seen the baby carrier sling things and thought they were so cute.  Well here you can find one to match not only your style but your outfit too! Shrinkle

Monday Link Love

Spreading a little <3 Link Love <3 this Monday! My so-called brain shares a sneak peak of the Doctor Who Christmas episode .  (video may not be available in all areas) Chronic Geek shares a little insight and update into her busy IT life . 8 to Infinity Bit brings us up to speed on the latest with his store. Fantastic Fangirls gives their Tuesday Trades Round Up Game Like A Girl shares her thoughts and review on the new Playstation Move GeekGirlDiva wrote a lovely piece about the young girl being bullied for liking Star Wars Geek With Curves isn't ready for Harry Potter to end Did you hear?  Sandman to be a TV show?!   Girl Gone Geek did! Nerd Heroine has no connection to the creation of the Terminator Smitten Kitchen shares her divine Upside-down Cranberry Cake with us Last Night's Dinner takes a moment to reflect on comfort food . Luxury Lane Soap now has a Facebook Fan page ! Cosmetic Candy shares her thoughts on the new Illamasqua Nail Qui

Thanksgiving Recipes Swap/Share - Turkey Tips, Tricks, and another T Word

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the world over scrambling for recipes, ideas, short cuts, and what not I figured I would post a few recipes of my own. Ah the fattened fowl that is Turkey.  How we love thee every November.  Course I love you a lot too when I frequent Boston Market every other day of the year. :D  But Thanksgiving is the one day that I get to become a chaotic b!tch in the kitchen, make a giant feast and feed all those that survived the entire day of me being a crazed lunatic in the kitchen.  Sounds like fun doesn't?  Course my family will tell you I'm a crazed lunatic the other 364. :p  Now some people tend to shy away from making a whole turkey during Thanksgiving and I don't know why that is.  Sure it takes some time and some prep but there are no shortage of websites and hot lines out there that can help you with any dilemma that might arise.  I really think you should give it a go this year if you haven't made a turkey.  Go on now.  Ge

FTW! Friday's the Win!! FTW!

FTW or Friday's the Win is a recurring theme every Friday.  Since everyone looks forward to Friday's arrival each week I figured it'd be a good time to share with everyone here at Geek Faerie what made your week filled with extra awesomeness!  Maybe you finally met Neil Gaiman.  (insert OMG fangrrl squee!)  Maybe you finished all of Fable III and saved Albion!  Or maybe you found that elusive and discontinued MAC lipstick on E-bay and it didn't cost you an arm, leg, and your first born child.  Whatever it is that made your week tell us all about it here. For me it was finally getting my Sigma Make-up brushes   and my Lush haul! From Sigma I got the Synthetic Face kit, the Complete kit with black brush roll, the Hollywood Glamour Retractable Kabuki in Black, and the Lip brush.  I have been wanting to get these brushes for a long time now.  I've been reading reviews, watching youtube videos, and trolling the site to drool.  I currently have a bunch of E.L.F. brush

Thanksgiving Recipes Swap/Share - Baked Acorn Squash

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the world over scrambling for recipes, ideas, short cuts, and what not I figured I would post a few recipes of my own.  I know this recipe is ALL over the Internet but how many of us have actually tried it?  Most people walk through the supermarket, see those lovely gourds stacked high in their crates and keep on walking.  They pay them no never mind and why is that, because they are too hard to cut into.  Well if you own a good sharp kitchen or chefs knife and a wooden mallet I can assure you these are not hard to cut into at all.  And what's this?  I have included videos from the Internets to show you how easy a gourd is to cut! This video is about making butternut squash soup but the tips for how to slice your squash are still the same.  Just follow Alton Brown's easy and super simple steps . :)  There is also a longer Alton Brown video detailing squash and gourds here.   If you don't know who Alton Brown is imagine if you

Fifteen Fictional Characters That Influenced You (From @neverwear)

Reading through my twitter stream today I saw a tweet from @neverwear linking to a Facebook note she made here.   If you don't know who @neverwear, aka Cat Mihos is, she is Neil Gaiman's merch queen (it says so on her Twitter page).  On her Facebook note she did a meme listing the 15 fictional characters that influenced her life.  I was very intrigued by this and so I decided to do one and share.  Read below for my 15, listed in no particular order. FIFTEEN FICTIONAL CHARACTERS The Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen fictional characters (television, films, plays, books) who've influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. 1. Jilly Coppercorn 2. Sophie (Jilly's friend) 3. Maleficent 4. Ms Piggy 5. Gonzo 6, Oscar the Grouch 7. Bert and Ernie 8. Death (Endless) and Death (Pratchett) 9. Wolverine 10. David, Paul, Dwayne, and Marko (aka The Lost Boys) 11. Jaret

Thanksgiving Recipes Swap/Share - Apple Walnut Stuffing Muffins

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the world over scrambling for recipes, ideas, short cuts, and what not I figured I would post a few recipes of my own.  If you watch any Food Network you'll notice that these recipes are very much Semi-Homemade in that they have store bought and fresh ingredients.  These recipes aren't from the show they are just creations I've taken from other recipes or happy accidents that I've done and I'm now sharing with you. :) Apple Walnut Stuffing Muffins Ingredients 1 box Chicken Stove Top Stuffing Chicken Broth (enough to make stuffing according to box directions) 1 small Granny Smith apple - diced 1/2 cup walnuts - crushed Butter (enough to make stuffing according to box directions) Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.  Make stuffing according to directions.  Dice up the apple and take your Thanksgiving aggressions out on the walnuts.  For best results with the walnuts place them inside a sandwich baggie or a sealed up pie

50 Greatest Science-Fiction Movies of all time compiled by

While surfing the internets at work DragonMonkey found the article linked below on  It's a compiled list of the 50 Greatest Science-Fiction Movies of all time .  So I ran through the list, added a few of my own thoughts and comments for some of the movies, as well as marked a few to add to my Have to See List of movies.  The full article gives a summary for each movie as well as a scene from the movie. 50) 'The Quatermass Xperiment' (1955) 49) 'Things to Come' (1936) 48) 'I Married a Monster From Outer Space' (1958) 47) 'Godzilla' (1954) 46) 'Strange Invaders' (1983) 45) 'They Live' (1988) - adding to my Have to See list cause it stars "Rowdy" Roddy Piper 44) 'It Came From Outer Space' (1953) 43) 'The Omega Man' (1971) - I'm torn as to if I should see it.  On the one hand it has Charlton Heston.  On the other it has Charlton Heston. 42) 'Invaders From Mars' (1953) 41) 'The An

FTW! Friday's the Win!! FTW!

FTW or Friday's the Win!  Is going to be a recurring theme every Friday.  Basically since everyone looks forward to Friday's arrival each week I figured it'd be a good time to share with everyone here at Geek Faerie what made your week filled with extra awesomeness!  Maybe you finally got your hands on that elusive first run graphic novel.  Or maybe you've completed an epic quest in your RPG.  Or maybe it was something as simple as finding a Wonder Woman Comfy Throw with Sleeves to keep you warm on those long nights catching up with your DVR or playing video games.  Whatever it is that made your week tell us all about it here. For me my week was made complete by this week's episode of the The Big Bang Theory.  I'm really glad that more female Geek characters are joining the cast.  Don't get me wrong I love Penny cause she tickles my girlie side but it's fun to see an anti social Geek character like Amy coming on board and the return of Bernadette who s

Kinect Advice and Suggestions

We've been playing around with the Kinect for nearly a week now and I've compiled an advice and suggestions list for play and use.  These are just a few things you and your family might want to know and put into practice with your new friend the Kinect. Make room.   Move any furniture, toys, people, pets, and the like out of the way when playing.  Kinect is designed to get you up and moving and you don't want obstacles.  Items and people in the play area can affect the Kinects ability to clearly see you and what you are doing.  We found this out when I tried waving at the Kinect with my laptop right next to my hand and again when we had two people in the play area when there should have only been one.  Remember if you rearrange furniture or relocate the Kinect you will have to run through some setup procedures again so the Kinect can recognize the layout of the room once more. Wear Shoes.   When playing you are going to be standing for long periods of time.  You might w

TangleFrost Etsy Purchase Review

Another Etsy vendor I ordered from was TangleFrost but I don’t know why I let this piece sit in my favorite items for so long.   I was worried someone would finally snag this piece out from under me.   Luckily they did not and this gorgeous clutch is mine. It’s such a lovely and versatile clutch, don’t you think?   The red makes it a very autumn/holiday friendly accessory.   On the other hand the daisy flowers make it perfect for spring/summer use as well.   I found this clutch to be very roomy.   I was able to fit my Droid phone, small wallet, lipstick, compact, as well as a pack of travel sized tissues and still had room to squeeze more in there. It was deceptively roomy and that makes it perfect for my needs.   I love small items I can fit a lot of things into.   I’m one those overly prepared types.   You never know what you are going to need no matter where you go.   I also love the embellished leaf on the side of the purse.   Just a cute touch. This item arrived a few days aft

Thanksgiving Recipes Share/Swap/Something Bright Idea

I was thinking, since it's getting close to Thanksgiving if you all would like me to share some of my Thanksgiving recipes, ideas, tips, tricks, whatevers with you all?  The posts woudn't have pictures till after Thanksgiving when I can link back or something.  What do you all think?  Would you like me to do a few dozen or so posts on Thanksgiving type things?  Nothing indepth and crazy just what I do to prepare, cook and the like.  Let me know what you think about this?

FindingCharm Etsy Purchase Review

You may recall me babbling incoherently on Twitter about some Etsy purchases I made just before Halloween.   Well a few of those wonderful items arrived and I want to share them with you all. The first Etsy Vendor I want to talk about is FindingCharm ’s lovely beaded lanyards and fun bauble rings. I first found her shop from a retweet for one of her lanyards.   I wasn’t in the market for a new lanyard for work but when I spied this one I could not pass it up. It looks more like a beautiful piece of jewelry than a lanyard.   It’s well constructed and very chic.    I was a little concerned that it would be flimsy or too heavy at the connections but I was surprised it was neither.   I’ve gotten a number of compliments on this piece.   My only issue, and this one I expected, was that the connectors do get snagged on my hair at times.   But I have this issue with necklaces as well so I don’t consider it a huge problem nor does it detract from the piece overall.   Just a hazard of having

Kinect and Games Intial Thoughts

A quick trip to Game Stop and we’re home with our AWESOME new family member!! What?   Did you think I meant this? *giggles* Yes we picked it all up today and we are testing it out right now.   Set up was super simple and took maybe 15 minutes total to include unpacking.   We started off with Kinect Sports… And played a lovely round of bowling.   We did notice that the Kinect is very sensitive to the slightest motion, it took a few turns to get the placement of the arms when bowling.   Nothing contortionist like or bizarre, you just had to be aware of your arm placement when playing otherwise you might get a gutter ball.   Next we played table tennis and soccer, again a few learning curves but this was resolved quickly.   I have to say playing this was so much simpler than the Wii.   It instantly recognized if you wanted to be a righty or a lefty.   No setting up the controller a certain way, cause you are the controller!   It also instantly recognized which player was playing whe

Wonder Woman Comfy Throw with Sleeves from Hot Topic Initial Thoughts

At the mall I had to do my usual Hot Topic walk around, who doesn't?  While browsing the shelves towards the back I stumbled up on this... I know I know it's a Snug...erm...Comfy Throw with Sleeves and I know I know we all cringe whenever we see one in stores.  But this!  This is a Wonder Woman one!!  Nothing wrong can come from a Wonder Woman Comfy Throw with Sleeves!! Isn't it Wondrous!!  Oh I can't wait to test it out this Winter and provide you all with a full review! I have to say it kept me very warm just during the few pictures we snapped off.  I know this is going to be a big help when it gets colder here.  For now though it's stashed away from the cats.  I'm trying to keep hair off of it as long as I can. Initial Thoughts The fabric wasn't heavy but it wasn't thin either.  It was a nice fleece fabric that shouldn't produce any fabric balls and was large enough to wrap around even my buxom frame with plenty to spare.  It is also n

Star Wars Sandwich Cutters and Lunchbox by Williams-Sonoma Review

I picked up these sandwich cutters at Williams-Sonoma more for the lunchbox than anything else.   I have a weak spot for lunchboxes so I couldn’t pass up a Star Wars one, especially a replica one with bas-relief lid.   You should have heard the noise of girlish glee that escaped my lips when I found it. Detailed photo of the lid I decided to make grilled cheese and tomato basil soup for dinner and figured I would test these cutters out.   Now before I go on I’m not one to buy sandwich cutters.   As I said I was more into the lunchbox.   I find sandwich cutters to be a waste of food and difficult to clean but I digress. I began by positioning the cutter on the center of the sandwich I then pressed the cutter all the way through.   Then placed my hand flat on top and wiggled the cutter to ensure it cut all the way through the bottom slice of bread. Then I carefully removed the bread from around the cutter and carefully pressed the sandwich down as I pulled the cutter up.   The r