Giftmas Quest 2010 - My Cosmetics Wishlist

I'm not greedy.  Well maybe a little but who isn't at times.  You know you have a list somewhere, mental or written down of all the lovely and awesome things you'd get for yourself if you had endless supplies of cash to spend.  I didn't write that list here, I just picked a few items I really want off of it. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencils - I know they aren't out yet but if they were the first thing on my list would be Urban Decay's new 24/7 Shadow Pencils.  Swatched and reviewed Here (Part 1) and Here (Part 2) by Temptalia.  I want them cause they are the same amazing quality as Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliners and they are super easy to apply.  Perfect for those of us that want some color in the morning without having to spend a lot of time doing their make-up.  Or for those of us that are running perhaps perpetually late and need to trim down their make-up routine some. *looks innocent and whistles*

Benefit All You Need Is Gloss - Really that is all you need and what better gift than 3 double ended lip glosses in shades to suit every one.  I've been oggling this set since it came out for the holidays.  I almost picked it up at Ulta the other day but I made myself promise no more make-up for myself until after the holidays.  It's a struggle and a sacrifice but I must be strong.  LOL

Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Brushes - I AM IN LOVE with my Teddy Bear Hair Powder Pouf Brush!!  It's so soft, it's held it's shape through washings, it dries quickly, and it layers on powder like a dream.  I LOVE THIS BRUSH!!  I want to have this brush's babies I love it so much!!  And I want the entire set so I can complete my love affair with these brushes.  Too Faced needs to make a novelty bear from the same material as the brushes.  Hint hint!

Stila Custom Color Blush - Do you stand in front of the mirror and wonder what blush to wear today?  Do you try in vain to match your blush to your lipstick?  Do you forgot blush all together cause the color never works right?  If you aren't me then you must be in the same boat I'm in cause this I fret over this every day.  But this!  A blush that works to with my pH levels for a perfect color every time.  Yes please!  Two please actually! :D

Any cosmetics you're lusting after this Holiday season?  What's on your wish list?


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