TangleFrost Etsy Purchase Review

Another Etsy vendor I ordered from was TangleFrost but I don’t know why I let this piece sit in my favorite items for so long.  I was worried someone would finally snag this piece out from under me.  Luckily they did not and this gorgeous clutch is mine.

It’s such a lovely and versatile clutch, don’t you think?  The red makes it a very autumn/holiday friendly accessory.  On the other hand the daisy flowers make it perfect for spring/summer use as well.  I found this clutch to be very roomy.  I was able to fit my Droid phone, small wallet, lipstick, compact, as well as a pack of travel sized tissues and still had room to squeeze more in there.

It was deceptively roomy and that makes it perfect for my needs.  I love small items I can fit a lot of things into.  I’m one those overly prepared types.  You never know what you are going to need no matter where you go.  I also love the embellished leaf on the side of the purse.  Just a cute touch.

This item arrived a few days after ordering in a padded envelope that did suffer some wear in transit.  Thankfully the item inside did not suffer any trauma.  This item was very reasonably priced for the artistry and craftsmanship involved.  The items felt very lush and well put together.  I would certainly recommend this vendor to others.

This item was purchased from TangleFrost's Etsy Vendor Page.
Follow her on Twitter @TangelFrost

This item definitely was reasonably priced for the craftsmanship and would fit any budget.
I was surprised by the capacity this purse had inside it.  Like a clutch sized bag of holding.
This item arrived quickly despite coming from the UK.
This piece is versatile for all seasons and all uses.  From formal to casual and winter to spring.

I’m worried the ribbon holding the leaf in place may fail.

Overall: 4 out of 5 Faerie Wings


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