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LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara Review

I am in LOVE with this mascara!  What Benefit's They're Real failed to provide for me this mascara gave me in spades.  Lush full lashes with just enough length to be doll baby flutters in a super glossy black finish.  This mascara contains 'Come Hither' lashes within and possibly magical faerie dust properties as well.

Special Delivery - Sula Beauty Haul

Don't you love it when you stumble across an awesome little well priced find.  I do!  A few months ago I hauled some fabulous items from Ulta and among them were these little gems.

Special Delivery - Cargo Fall Chain Bag Kit

Oh my sweet duckies how I have missed you all so!  I know I know I have been away far too long.  I am trying to make a better effort to spend more time with you all.  Work ramped up, life ramped up, things with the move and getting unpacked ramped up, le sigh, you know how it goes.  I am back, as much as I can be and wanted to share a few items sitting on my shelves just waiting to be talked about.  First up Cargo's Fall Chain Bag Kit!