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Still moving...

As you can see from the picture I still have not unpacked my make-up. Hopefully it will be done this week/weekend. Updates should resume next week. Hurricane Irene set us farther back than anticipated with moving and unpacking. C'est la vie. posted from Bloggeroid

Moving and Packing

This week is the final week in our apartment before we close on the house and move in. We are so excited!! During this time the blog is on a bit of a break. I expect normal blog posts to resume next week and time pending I should be on Twitter and Facebook a bit during the move. Thank you all for being patient duckies! <3 posted from Bloggeroid

Tarte for True Blood Collector's LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint Review

Continuing with our Tarte for True Blood Collection we have the LipSurgence Lip Tint.  A yummy glossy red to give lips that 'just bitten' look.  Just the right amount of color and shine without being vampy.  I know what you're thinking, but Corinne, True Blood is all about Vampires!  Yes duckies I know, but True Blood is all about Sookie too and I'm glad Tarte remembered that when making this collection.

Tarte for True Blood Collector's Eye Shadow Palette Review

I'll admit it, I am an Ultimate Truebie.  I was hooked on the novels by Charlaine Harris over 8 years ago, when the show came out it was only natural I would migrate to it.  I am an uber nerd for True Blood.  I have been waiting for a collection like this for some time!  I was really surprised when I found out Tarte would be doing the collection.  I keep hoping Pam shows up in an episode with an outfit modeled after the cover! I have been playing with this palette almost every day since I got it.  (that half explains my lack of reviews lately)  I am in love with this palette!  I honestly think that this is palette, nay this entire collection is the only collection you every need in your arsenal.  It’s just that good!