Giftmas Quest 2010 - Etsy Shops

I decided to take some time create a few posts entitled Gitmas Quest 2010.  These posts will be filled with gift ideas, shops, items I've gotten and would recommend, websites, Etsy shops, whatever I feel like that will help you out this Holiday in the gifts department.

This post is comprised of Etsy shops I've favourited or have made purchases from.   I've categorized them and added a short blurb for each of what I like about each of these shops.

BRANDED - The Vintage Dad shirt is what caught my eye.  But I fell in love with the Grr Argh! Whedon Monster shirt!
taraduff - Do you also have a teen that wishes he could grow an entire beard instead of the tufts of down he's sporting now?  Help him along this Holiday with a bearded knit cap.
BabyEtte - I don't have a baby of my own but I've always seen the baby carrier sling things and thought they were so cute.  Well here you can find one to match not only your style but your outfit too!
Shrinkle - If you've ever heard of the make-up line SugarPill then you prolly know about it's creator Shrinkle.  Well this talented lady also makes handmade clothes and sells her sweet vintage finds online.  Go check it out I know you'll love it!
pixiebell - Your inner faerie demands a hand knit cap!  And with so many styles to chose from you can get one for every faerie alter ego you have!!
VitalTemptation - This woman does some amazing things with felt and crochet.  I love her simple neck wraps and the skill of her work needs no extra embellishment.
post - Why wear plain jane pantyhose every day.  Get some with style and flair.  Or maybe you just want to scare your parents over the holidays into thinking you got a tattoo. *wink*

Hair and Accessories
MissVioletLace - Who doesn't want a custom made wig or pre-made wig in a variety of natural and crazy colors and styles!
beadmask - She is a master leather craftsman.  Her masks and barrettes are stunning to say the least.  You have to see the intricacies and detail work done on each piece to truly grasp how amazing her talent is.
Puppycatmeow - This girl does some fabulous faux hair wigs and accessories.  I love her rosette crown head bands.  They are my personal favourite from the shop.

Bath and Beauty
Naturalynn - The popsicle soaps and creamy lotions I am dying to try!  Giftmas is coming up.  Who wants to send me presents?
SoothingSuds - I got DragonMonkey's gift here but I won't say what it was cause it's a surprise and he reads the blog.  But I will say that I can almost smell the Sweet Lavender soap, Hot Cocoa soap, and Pink Sugar Kiss scrub through the computer screen.  I didn't grab any this purchase but I plan to very soon.  I think the Sweet Lavender soap would also work great broken up into pieces, wrapped in muslin, and used as sachets in drawers and closets. :D
orangefuzz - They have Guinness and Blue Moon beer soap!!  You know what's on my Etsy wish list!!
LoveLeeSoaps - All her soaps look good enough to eat!!  Mac and Cheese soap!  Jelly Bean soap!  Popcorn soap!  Even chicken wing soap!!
CrowleyManor - I'm a sucker for beautiful things and these soaps are a work of art.  I can't wait to place an order.  Just worried I might feel they are too pretty to use.  LOL  Or end up sniffing them for hours and hours.
battysbath - I love scrubs and body polishes and she has a huge selection of both.  I could spend hours trying to decide what to get.
SoapStore - Check out the Baby Nestled in the Angel Wing soap and tell me you don't want to get one for yourself and everyone you know!
sugarloafsoap - The Bamboo Charcoal soap is what lured me in.  I want to try it and compare it with Lush's Coalface soap.  I smell dupe!
BodyLuxe - I love the idea of bath and beauty products coming in deep blue containers.  Especially having them arranged on a shelf where the light can play off them casting a sky hued look to a bathroom.  Sorry musing of my dream bathroom.  Huge selection of creams and body butters in every scent you can think of.

HeavenlyNaturals - Two things I love about this shop.  One, the amazing variety of colors available in the make-up.  Two, that several colors are swatched on lips and eyes to give you an idea of how they will look in practice.
shirocosmetics - I've read reviews about this shop but I haven't tried it out yet.  Huge selection of shadows for every taste from work safe to party girl to temptress.
ProvidenceAndGrace - I love that she displays her eye shadows tossed upon flowers.  I'm also digging the huge selection of red lipsticks!
orglamix - So many pretty eyeshadow colors!!  Many displayed on eyes so you can see how it applies.  Also many are work safe colors to chose from.

UberDorkCafe - You have to buy from her.  She sells cookies!  How doesn't like cookies?!

Books and Paper
BindMe - You may not think you need a leather bound book embellished with the StarGate but in reality you do.
EvenAndy - Next time use these lovely note cards to announce your cool event.  Or get a poster to adorn your walls.

Decorations and Decor
OneLastSpin - I want to decorate my tree in nothing but the sparklie and awesome test tube ornaments.
zillows - Your couch needs accessories too.  Show it some love with a funky pillow. :)
janethillstudio - Your walls want some love too!  The colors used are light and her still life's seem to move with a life of their own.  I feel like I'm looking through a window peaking in on a stolen moment in time that I have some how become a part of.
jellybeans - Dots and spots to hang upon your walls.  Beautiful creations and prints.  Get one for yourself and one for a friend!
ModernDecals - Change up your walls with some lovely vinyl wall decals.  They work indoors and out plus are fully removable!

luckyfauxpaws - A monster paw is like 20 TIMES WAY luckier than a rabbits paw!  Also a perfect gift for the little monsters in your life.
BAYMOONSTUDIO - Let your flair speak for you.  So long as it's the requisite 37 pieces.
Handamade - Cozies for everything in your life!!  Hey apples get cold too.
PipingHotPapers - Massive selection of vintage buttons and magnets!
Jsebold87 - She sells Buffy stuff!!!!!!!!!!!
dragonflycurls - You may not know this but I am a closet rubber stamp junkie.  This shop feeds my love.  Cause everyone needs a stamp of Adipose in their collection!
youvegotmaille - The chain mail dice bag is mine you can't have it!!

My Little Ponies and Custom Ponies
BigSissysToyBox - Helping to reclaim all my lost My Little Ponies from my youth.
zarinebashire - Super talented artist making amazing custom ponies.
fugsly - Another wicked custom pony designer.
roogna - I'm on my custom pony kick now so deal.
Wendypony - I scarfed up a pony for a gift.  But I can't say which one cause DragonMonkey will find out.  Ooops he all ready knows!!

TheClayPony - They have K-9 and Dalek jewelry!!
chinookhugs - I'm not into the Steam punk thing but I am into fabulous jewelry and there are these
lovely lizard and dragon rings that I want to add to my stash!
gypsymoonart - Her jewelry is more art than something to wear.  Each piece is so beautiful and
bohemianbear - You can never have too many things with a TARDIS on them!  TARDIS everything and
SpinningCastle - You don't have to be a Faerie or a Pagan to appreciate the beautiful work of this
artist.  I'm a big fan of her apothecary bottle necklaces.  Faeries always need places to stow their finds and a few other things. :D
JezebelCharms - Her charm bracelets are my favourite.  Full of awesome little trinkets yet never
too busy or crowded on the wrist.  They also come in a wide variety of themes.
helendesign - I love her unique twisted fork rings.  Have you noticed I like rings?
EternalAutumn - Do you have a Vampire friend that is hard to shop for?  What do you get for the
person who's lived 7 lifetimes and has it all?  Something from this store is sure to please.
MrsGibson - Any Faerie worth her salt can't resist buttons.  Especially pretty buttons adorning a
lovely chain bracelet.
kjoo - If you have allergies to metal and can't wear jewelry then this shop is your lifesaver. 
Knitted necklaces, bracelets, and rings.  Your accessory conundrum resolved!
xelainea - You need to look at her shattered crystal necklaces.  Lovely beyond words.
CosmicFirefly - More Steam punk goodness.  Some even in pig form!
WITCHTALISMANS - If you aren't into talismans or magic spells than move on.  But if you are or want
some extra help with an issue than check out WitchTalismans.  I have tried her items and I can vouch for them.  I mean who wouldn't want a little extra help in finding the perfect job?
LaughingVixenLounge - I found her for the True Blood jewelry I stayed for the cool vintage 50s TV
show and Doctor Who themed jewelry.  I lay claim to all Bewitched items for sale.  You can't see it but my name is written on the back side of them. :p
FindingCharm - I got my lovely purple lanyard, frog ring, and turtle ring I reviewed a few posts ago from here.  The name really says it all.  You couldn't find a more charming store full of lovely wares to wear!
FaerieKat - Her jewelry covers a broad range of styles and textures.  There's also something very
elemental about each piece too.  Love everything she does.
ThatOldBlueHouse2 - They have lovely button and bauble jewelry!  I really want their marble pieces
choklit - Fabulous handmade collars and cuffs displayed on lovely ladies.
AlternateHistory - I may have mentioned I like bottles filled with stuff on a necklace.  Her
selection is like walking through a tiny shop of wonders and horrors stoppered up inside tiny vials. 
rubyanndesigns - Lockets lockets and more lockets in more metals than you ever imagined.  Blends of gold, bronze, and silver add dimension to each piece without the aid of additional colors.
metalsmitten - You'll fall in love with her <3 jewelry too!
VampiresKisses - Something for that vintage vampire in your life.  Perhaps a lovely bite me
bracelet :D
Thyme2dream - Come in for the ear cuffs but stay for everything else.  The woman does some amazing
things with bended wire and beads.  I have the  Heart of Inara Ear cuff and I have to say it's the most delicate yet sturdy piece I have ever seen.  I never feel like I'm going to break it while wearing it and it stays firmly in place when I do.  A review is coming.
palefishny - Love the glass case pendants and the rustic unpolished look of all the jewelry.
pink80sgirl - I haven't done the review yet on what I got from her shop but I can say that I love
the Absinthe ring and wear it nearly every day!!  Her pieces are vintage and Victorian but don't let that scare you off.  Plenty of items are themed for Harry Potter, Pirates, Gothic, Steam punk, etc.
tanglefrost - You may remember my review of the handbag I got with the delicate leaf accessory. 
Well she does more than just purses she does some amazing leather work necklaces, brooches, and hair pieces.  You'll swear each piece was made of real leaves and flowers.  My leaf looks so life like that I sometimes forget it's leather.
AmetrineHealing - Necklaces for the rock and gemstone hound on your gift list.
InStyleBoutique - These pieces are so delicate and lovely.  The crystals used I have never seen
before which only add to the beauty of each piece.
BeadsStory - These pieces are simple and earthy yet say so much with so little.  The Bliss Bracelet
is my favourite.
pinkflamingo61 - The jewelry here is just like the description, made with found objects.  This
gives each piece a stand alone quality as well as a history.  You might find yourself spending hours wondering where those strange legs dangling from your ears came from to make the earrings.
JBMDesigns - Shiny crystal lovers this is your store.  More sparklie shiny shimmer opalescent pieces than you can shake a stick at!
negarnetgirl - A huge selection of made to order and ready to ship rings and earrings in every
possible style you can think of.  If you can't find something you like here you need to check your pulse. :p

And a special mention to UrbanFool.  Her shop may no longer be opened but her Illanna earrings is what first drew me to Etsy so many moons ago on LiveJournal.  I hope you are well this holiday my dear and aspiring to be great in all you do!

So who are your Etsy shop faves?  Or have you purchased something from a vendor I mentioned?  Share in the comments!


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