Wonder Woman Comfy Throw with Sleeves from Hot Topic Initial Thoughts

At the mall I had to do my usual Hot Topic walk around, who doesn't?  While browsing the shelves towards the back I stumbled up on this...

I know I know it's a Snug...erm...Comfy Throw with Sleeves and I know I know we all cringe whenever we see one in stores.  But this!  This is a Wonder Woman one!!  Nothing wrong can come from a Wonder Woman Comfy Throw with Sleeves!!

Isn't it Wondrous!!  Oh I can't wait to test it out this Winter and provide you all with a full review!

I have to say it kept me very warm just during the few pictures we snapped off.  I know this is going to be a big help when it gets colder here.  For now though it's stashed away from the cats.  I'm trying to keep hair off of it as long as I can.

Initial Thoughts
The fabric wasn't heavy but it wasn't thin either.  It was a nice fleece fabric that shouldn't produce any fabric balls and was large enough to wrap around even my buxom frame with plenty to spare. 
It is also nice and long but then again I'm only 5'1" and a quarter (yes putting the quarter in is important when you are this short).  So everything is long on me.  But long is good, that means my feet will be covered and I won't have to worry about contorting under it to stay all toasty.
The material is machine washable.  Since its fleece I will probably wash and recommend washing it with other fleece type items or alone in a small load.  I don't expect any bleeding but I will report if I find any in the full review.

If you're a Wonder Woman fan like me or know someone that is stop by Hot Topic and check this out.  It just might make someone's day or Holiday. *wink wink*

Wonder Woman Comfy Throw with Sleeves retails for $24.99 and is available at Hot Topic both in stores and online at HotTopic.com   Also available in Batman and Harry Potter styles.


Chronic Geek said…
This is a cool find. I'm 5'2" so I'm glad you mentioned the length. I've seen a snuggie with skulls on it that was pretty cool, but this one is pretty awesome. I'm going to check out the Harry Potter one!
Corinne said…
Let me know what you think of the Harry Potter one if you pick it up :)

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