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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games was awesome!  Just saw it.  If you haven't seen it GO SEE IT!  Will have a review up soon, duckies. :)

Special Deliver - Pixi Beauty Pixi Glow Collection Brings Tinkerbell To Life

I've been biting my nails (not literally) in anticipation for the release of this collection.  Now here it is in all its glory and I've snapped off a few shots for you faerie duckies!  I decided to include the quotes by Petra from the boxes for each item cause they are just adorable and I think completely Tink approved PixiGlow Fairy Face Palette A whole face in a case, this palette is inspired by budding roses, berry nectars, and dew at dawn.  The lush shades are universally flattering and perfectly pigmented. Designed to create our all time favorite Pixi-pretty face! PixiGlow Straight On Till Morning Liner This Tinkerbell inspired, budge-proof liner in a deep jade-green infused with glimmery golden sparkle stays on until the morning - total "Tink" eye perfection. PixiGlow Pink Pirouette Nail Polish With a high-gloss finish and a chip-resistant formula, this nail polish is made to last while making nails look luminous & lovely -

China Glaze Hook and Line - The Hunger Games Collection Review

Continuing to the distant shores of Panem on our tour through China Glaze 's The Hunger Games Collection we drop our anchor in District 4.  Home to beautiful sandy beaches, crisp blue waters, and scrumptious seafood. Hook and Line was a bit thick to work with and took a great deal more patience to apply.  Once on I felt the bit of brush stroke line left behind on the nail gave it the character this polish needed for its namesake.  Hook and Line is all about metallic silver shine and the glint of fish scales.  There is also a bit of dullness to this polish as well.  Not in a bad way, just the weather beaten worn look to it.  Overall, I think it works perfectly.  Hook and Line is shown above without a top coat. Here we have Hook and Line with a single coat of Electrify and no top coat.  I liked the way Electrify laid on this polish when only a few glitter bits were applied.  Too much Electrify just seemed to take away from the over all look. Hook and Line shown he

China Glaze Riveting - The Hunger Games Collection Review

Our next stop in Panem as we travel along  China Glaze 's The Hunger Games Collection brings us to District 3, birthplace of Technology for all the gadgets and gizmos that make life in The Capitol spectacular. A bright and firey orange shimmer that will even make you do a double take on your nails.  Oh this color?  Oh it's just Riveting don't you think?  Edgy and punchy this color is not for the faint of heart.  Now this color should not be attempt by those afraid to be fierce.  Shown here with two coats and no top coat, Riveting was another joy of a color to apply.  This color was so opaque both in the jar and during application I could have easily skirted by with a single thin coat.  I am not kidding when I tell you this color packs a punch and ticks off 5 stars in my book.  Bravo, Riveting, bravo. A single coat of Electrify with no top coat was applied over Riveting here.  The red and gold glitter gets a little lost here and takes away from the amazing.

China Glaze Dress Me Up - The Hunger Games Collection Review

Continuing our tour of Panem though China Glaze 's The Hunger Games Collection we find ourselves in District 8.  Home of textiles and the starting place of all the lush colorful fabrics that wrap the lovelies Citizens in The Capitol and don't forget the more durable fabrics that the 12 Districts use. This luscious dusty rose, shown here with two coats and no top coat, is perfect for work, play, and every day.  A truly versatile color with chameleon like properties help it match near perfectly with any skin tone.  The application was a little thick but easy enough that you could get away with opacity with one coat. Dress Me Up shown here with one coat of Electrify on top and no top coat.  The two pair up for a dazzling and funky time on your fingers. Dress Me Up shown here with one coat of Luxe and Lush on top with no top coat.  This pair amps up for party time.  Luxe and Lush reflects silver here, where it took on a golden hue with Mahogany Magic.  Personally

China Glaze Mahogany Magic - The Hunger Games Collection Review

China Glaze brings the 12 Districts of Panem to life in the The Hunger Games Collection.  I'll be working my way through all the colors in time for the opening games, I mean opening night of the movie.  Forgive me for going out of order, I wanted to mix things up a bit so I randomly arranged the collection before swatching. We start off our tour of Panem in the land of lumber and paper known as District 7 with Mahogany Magic. A rich and creamy chocolate color that was a dream to apply and opaque in two coats.  Shown here with no top coat I wanted the true colors of these to stand out.  Mahogany Magic is one of those shades that isn't necessarily for everyone.  You have to like your neutrals and your browns to be into this shade.  Of course being a neutral, it is universally flattering for all skin tones.  I love this shade as it is, however SonicReckoning preferred how it looked with Electrify on top. Mahogany Magic shown here with one coat of Electrify on t