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Marvel and Benefit SpyGal: Thrills, Frills, & Espionage No.1 Review

Some of you may recall my joyous outpourings back in May when I received news that Marvel Custom Solutions and Benefit Cosmetics would be teaming up to bring us SpyGal #1. Well, since that day I have searched high, low, and every where in between to locate myself a copy and my patience has been rewarded. After a snap decision to stop into Ulta to check out the latest nail polish selections, there it sat behind the checkout counter beaming in all its fabulous glory. The checkout girl gladly added it to my bag along with the fact that she thought the story was so cute and hoped I enjoyed it. Did you hear that, comic review naysayers out there? I just said that a girl that doesn't read comics thought the story was really good! Possible comic convert at Ulta alert! The story is just fantastic - simple, but fantastic. SpyGal isn't here to push an image of beauty at us. She's here to protect women from being pushed down by the evil agents of YUCK. SpyGal is