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The Night of the Doctor

The Night of the Doctor mini episode. Prequel to The Day of the Doctor. http :// /- U3jrS - uhuo Are you excited yet?

Fall Sparkle NOTD

Isn't Autumn lovely?  I just love all the colors nature brings and I love that holiday sets are hitting the cosmetic counters. Woo hoo!! So today I wanted some glitter for my mani. I laid down two coats of Julep Chloe. Dabbed a bit of Nailtini Millionaire at the base if my nails. Then I gently dabbed OPI Pink Yet Lavender all over my nail to fade the look. It took a bit of time since I had to place the large chunks of glitter for effect. I think they look better in person than on my phone. Are you feeling the Autumn sparkle?  Tell me all about it.

Work Friendly Halloween NOTD

I decided to do a work appropriate Halloween mani today. I used Butter London Marrow and Julep Cleopatra. Marrow looks amazing with a matte finish if you want to change it up. Also Cleopatra is a latex finish thus the mega glossy shine. Do you have any work friendly NOTD to share?

Girl On Fire Ombre NOTD

I wanted to start prepping nail ideas for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie so I was toying with a Katniss/District 12 look. For this I used Zoya Storm, Chanel Dragon, Disney Villains Varnish Cruella De Vil, Illamasqua Whack, and China Glaze Riveting from last year's The Hunger Games collection. What do you think?  What District or Victor should I try next?

Idris's Day Off NOTD

Your outfit is simply not complete without a bit of TARDIS, duckies.  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics knows this and created Pond nail lacquer, a clever and creamy shade of TARDIS blue, prefect for any stylish Whovian.  The color applied perfect and was opaque in one coat.  I applied two here with Seche Vite on top. Part of their Sci-Fi Lullabies Collection complete with six lip tars and six nail lacquers to choose from.  Naturally I picked up Pond and Leelo.  Which colors are you getting?

New Hair Color

Just got my hair done. We did a deep red shade that's fairly close to my natural color then added some edge with peekaboo purple highlights. I am in love with how it came out!

Business Up Front Party On Top NOTD

I love a good neutral shade of nail polish don't you?  There's something so classic and grown up about it.  I always feel more mature with neutral nails for some reason. So for today's NOTD we have two coats of Deborah Lippmann's Human Nature, a delicious shade of taupe from the True Blood Forsaken collection.  On top we have a thin coat of OPI's When Monkeys Fly.  Yes I put it on again. I can't help it I really love this glitter top coat! What do you think?  Does it scream business casual?

Inter-Galactic Fun NOTD

Doing my nails can be so cathartic at times.  I was watching the finale of Face/Off last night when I was inspired to do this. We start off with two coats of L'Oreal Rainy Piccadilly from the London Fall collection, it's a rich deep creamy blue that reminds me of the ocean at night.  On the thumb and index we have Revlon Celestial FX, a fine diamond multi glitter with moons, stars, and diamond pieces throughout.  This one takes some patience if you want the larger pieces on your nails.  The other fingers have my current fave OPI When Monkeys Fly, a chunky mix of medium multi glitter and gold hexagon pieces.  I just love this top coat, it makes everything look stunning.  I know some are mad cause the gold pieces tend to curl and not lay flat.  I just add an extra coat of clear to fix that myself. So what do you think?  Very stellar don't you agree?

A Brunette's Ambition LOTD

I've recovered from my pink eyes but I'm still being overly cautious, no eye makeup and glasses this week.  In keeping with my bold lip trend I have another for you all.  Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing Lip Color in Ambition, a full on punch of pink to knock away these winter doldrums. Just what the doctor order for cabin fever!

No Snow In March NOTD

Can you believe we have snow in March?!  Me either.  So in honor of Spring not quite being here yet I did my nails for the occasion. Three thin coats of Butter London Dosh, a lovely bright green and three thin coats of Zoya Godiva, an elevated and elegant sugary nude. All topped with Seche Vite. I was pleasantly surprised that the top coat did not take away from Godiva at all. In fact I think it enhanced the color dramatically.  Don't you agree?

Tiffany Sparkle NOTD

Can't go more than two days with the same nails.  I know I'm such Diva.  LOL  So today its China Glaze For Audrey topped with OPI When Monkeys Fly on the middle and ring fingers and Wet N Wild Spoiled Shaken Snow Globe on the other nails.  What do you think?

Red Lip Friday

Since I've been recovering from pink eyes, yes eyes plural, I've been hiding my lack of eye makeup behind bold lip colors. Today I lined and filled my lips in with Urban Decay's Gash liner and topped it with Butter London's Come To Bed Red lippie. Very bold for casual Friday don't you think?

Shiny Goodness NOTD

OPI When Monkeys Fly over Zoya London Looking fab this Friday Eve!

You! Cake or Death!! IV

That's right!! Another fabulous You! Cake or Death!! Poll and lucky you have three ways to enter and win amazing imaginary prizes!! 1 - You can comment right here in this post with your answer. 2 - You can head over to Geek Faerie on Twitter and Reply as well as RT the following: #GeekFaerieCakeOrDeathPoll RT and Reply to win fabulous imaginary prizes!! Which one shall it be? Bacon or Bacon Wrapped Bacon? Choose now!! 3 - You can head on over to Geek Faerie on Facebook and Comment on the poll as well as Like my page. So many ways to enter and so many imaginary prizes to win.  Now choose! Bacon or Bacon Wrapped Bacon?  Which one shall it be? Not sure where Cake or Death comes from?   Wiki and YouTube  it!

Stay The Night NOTD

OPI Stay The Night Liquid Sand from the Mariah Carey collection.  I really love the unique texture this polish has. Can't wait to try the other colors.

Pink Speckled Dinosaur NOTD

Two coats OPI Pompeii Purple, one coat Spoiled by Wet n Wild Club Rat, and one coat Essie luxeffects A Cut Above.  Loving how these turned out. I had a total Flintstones moment when i saw my nails.  Reminded me if when my Mom would do my hair just like Pebbles when I was a little girl.