FindingCharm Etsy Purchase Review

You may recall me babbling incoherently on Twitter about some Etsy purchases I made just before Halloween.  Well a few of those wonderful items arrived and I want to share them with you all.

The first Etsy Vendor I want to talk about is FindingCharm’s lovely beaded lanyards and fun bauble rings.

I first found her shop from a retweet for one of her lanyards.  I wasn’t in the market for a new lanyard for work but when I spied this one I could not pass it up.

It looks more like a beautiful piece of jewelry than a lanyard.  It’s well constructed and very chic.   I was a little concerned that it would be flimsy or too heavy at the connections but I was surprised it was neither.  I’ve gotten a number of compliments on this piece.  My only issue, and this one I expected, was that the connectors do get snagged on my hair at times.  But I have this issue with necklaces as well so I don’t consider it a huge problem nor does it detract from the piece overall.  Just a hazard of having long hair.

My eyes next fell on this ring.  Isn’t this sweet little prince waiting for a kiss just to die for!?  I was sold on the fact that the ring was adjustable.  I have larger knuckles from years of cracking them so finding rings that fit can be a treasure hunt.  Well this little guy is adjustable and that was music to my ears.  I was really surprised that the ring itself did not pinch or feel tight when I adjusted it to fit.  He’s just too cute and my coworkers thought he was lovely as well.

After finding my Frog Prince ring I then flipped through FindingCharm’s wares for a Turtle ring and was overjoyed to find one.  I have a weakness for turtles, they are just too AWESOME!  So I snagged this guy up.  Just like the Frog Prince ring he’s adjustable too and I also did not experience pinching nor issues getting this ring to fit a larger finger.  The ring itself did not stain or tarnish my hand either.

I was very pleased with my purchase from FindingCharm’s Etsy page.  I felt her items were very reasonably priced based on level of artistry.  My items arrived a few days after ordering them in padded envelope.  All items were tucked neatly into green jewelry bags along with a hand penned thank you card and business cards to share with friends.

I like it when a vendor takes the time to pen a thank you card and take those extra steps to make your purchase feel personal.  I would certainly recommend this vendor to others.

Items purchased at FindingCharm Etsy Vendor Page.
Follow her on Twitter @FindingCharm

Punctual.  Package arrived a few days after ordering.
Charming.  All items are handmade and beautiful
Secure.  My items arrived secure and well padded.
Personal Touch.  Vendor sent a personal hand written thank you card.
Budget.  Items were reasonably priced for craftsmanship.

Snagged.  The lanyard did snag on my hair but I expected this.

Overall: 4 out of 5 Faerie Wings


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