Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Special Delivery: China Glaze The Hunger Games Collection

Look what just arrived!!

Aren't they lovely!!

Left to right with flash: Luxe and Lush, Mahogany Magic, Fast Track, Foie Grase, Agro, Hook and Line, Smoke and Ashes, Electrify, Dress Me Up, Harvest Moon, Riveting, and Stone Cold

With flash: Luxe and Lush & Fast Track

With flash: Mahogany Magic and Riveting

With flash: Agro, Dress Me Up, Electrify, & Smoke and Ashes

With flash: Stone Cold, Hook and Line, Harvest Moon, & Foie Gras

Without Flash: Dress Me Up, Foie Gras, & Agro

Without Flash: Hook and Line, Smoke and Ashes, & Electrify

Without Flash: Mahogany Magic, Luxe and Lush, & Fast Track

Without Flash: Riveting, Stone Cold, & Harvest Moon

So far I'm loving the colors of Riveting, Smoke and Ashes, Foie Gras,and Luxe and Lush.  I love them all but those four are my top picks.

Stay tuned duckies, swatches swatches swatches to come!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Gifts For That Special Nerd In Your Life

Are you ready nerds?  The final piece of our Valentine's Day Gift Guide is here!  This time we are bringing to you a fabulous selection that you can get for your Geeky Gal or Nerdy Guy this year.  Let the harps play and the magic begin!

Does your love know no bounds?  Is it greater than all of space and time?  Do you both wear a fez now cause fezzes are cool?  Then proclaim your place as a fixed point in time with this Build Your Own Sonic Screwdriver!  Just remember to have yours created in time to save London for Christmas.

Boldly go where no love has gone before with this Spock Picture Frame.  Seated proudly on your desk proclaiming that your love will indeed Live Long and Prosper.  It also tells other nerds you're not afraid to Vulcan Neck Pinch them should they get too close to your bethroded.

Give your love something cute and also masculine.  A coy little Steampunk Dragon Ring to watch over and protect your love.  Nothing says forever and ever quite like a Dragon.  Did I mention this year was the Year of the Dragon too?

Or maybe dreams and poetry is more your significant other's style.  Jotting away at a notebook, filling page after page with professions of love and devotion to your heart.  Give them the key to your soul with this Black Leather Journal and let their heart pour upon each and every page.

Perhaps companions is more your lover's thing.  Little pocket friends to keep them safe and sound.  Protect them when you can't with a guardian Crochet Dragon Plush.  A cuddly constant reminder of your loving heart made with love.

As an extra special bonus, a math problem of love.  When my beau and I found this shirt during our gift searches we could not get over how awesome it was.  We fell about laughing and proclaiming its greatness which is why you need this shirt when all other gifts have failed you.  Behold the awesome that is the Your Derivative Shirt!  Get tangent tonight!!

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Nerd up!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Gifts For Your Geeky Gal

Gentleman pay special attention to this post.  Women love being showered with gifts and adoration on Valentine’s Day and I'm sure you've been tearing your hair out trying to get the perfect gift for your lovely belle.  Look no further than here for all your gifting needs as I bring part 2 of the 3 part Valentine's Gift Series.  Read on for a handpicked selection sure to please any geeky gal.

Is your maiden fair a surpassing beauty beyond compare?  Do you believe true love is the most noble cause of all.  Can your love over come all three terrors of the Fire Swamp?  Then say as you wish with this Princess Bride t-shirt.  Miracles not guaranteed.


Perhaps your love is more the musical type.  Singing a soothing song to ease your fevered mind during your time of need.  This lovely Soft Kitty Plush will make a perfect companion and help with any duets as well.  Just don't make her take it from the top if she gets the song wrong.

Everyone knows kisses are sweet especially when she's showering you with them.  Make her kisses even sweeter and geekier with this lovely <3 Lip Color.  Then prepare to be showered with even more sweet sweet kisses.

If your girl is more the reading type, preferring to have a cup of tea, then this lovely Worm is just for her.  Let her know it's okay to take a break from that daunting labyrinth and meet the misses.  Just be sure to let her know the short cut will take her all the way to the Goblin King's castle.

Was your woman born not that long ago in the Highlands of Scotland?  Does she carry a very long katana under her trench coat and talks about the coming Gathering.  Then tell her she's got the Quickening with this elegantly Framed Highlander Cross Stitch.  There can be only one sweetie in your life.

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And don't forget to Nerd Up!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine’s Gifts For Your Nerdy Guy

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and if any of you are like me you're probably last minute gift buyers as well.  Allow me to put your mind at ease with this 3 part series helping all you guys and gals in the gift buying department.  I've scoured the internet for the best pieces that are sure to make your loved one the happiest nerd in all the land!  Ladies, have a gander at all these goodies for your special guy that are sure to let him know just how much you adore him.

Is your man the Master of his console?  The King of snack foods?  The Lord of Mountain Dew?  Then complete his gaming and tv watching experience with a statement pillow letting him know just how manly he is.  This Stud Recycle Felt Pillow is sure to please as well as ease back and neck pain from those long hours spenting cuddling with his sweetie over a game of Zelda.

Perhaps simple and bacon is more your guy's thing.  Fill this I Love You More Than Bacon Valentine Card to bursting with sweet words of love and affection for your man.  Should you find yourself with extra room, just add some bacon in to fill those pesky white spots.  Nothing says love like bacon, except maybe this card.

Is he the Scott Pilgim to your Ramona Flowers?  Is your everyday together like one epic video game?  Then power up his mornings with this Scott Pilgrim Kiss Mug.  In fact get two so you don't have to do battle every morning to decide who gets to drink from this epic mug each day.

If your man has a taste for the finer things in life than this R2D2 Giclee Print by Greg Peltz will make a charming addition to his study.  A beautiful take on everyone's favorite co-pilot is the perfect center piece to any relationship.  Enjoy him over a candlelit dinner and a lovely 2007 Merlot.

Nothing says love like Lannister gold and every girl knows a Lannister 'Always Pays His Debts'.  Let other girls know you're balling with the King of Westeros in this Lannister T-Shirt.  Starks may have their Winter but you have a Lion of Casterly Rock.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Valentine's Day Gift ideas.  Nerd Up!