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Giftmas Quest 2010 - My Cosmetics Wishlist

I'm not greedy.  Well maybe a little but who isn't at times.  You know you have a list somewhere, mental or written down of all the lovely and awesome things you'd get for yourself if you had endless supplies of cash to spend.  I didn't write that list here, I just picked a few items I really want off of it.  Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencils - I know they aren't out yet but if they were the first thing on my list would be Urban Decay's new 24/7 Shadow Pencils.  Swatched and reviewed Here (Part 1) and Here (Part 2)  by Temptalia.  I want them cause they are the same amazing quality as Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliners and they are super easy to apply.  Perfect for those of us that want some color in the morning without having to spend a lot of time doing their make-up.  Or for those of us that are running perhaps perpetually late and need to trim down their make-up routine some. *looks innocent and whistles* Benefit All You Need Is Gloss - Really that is all

FTW Friday's the Win FTW

FTW or Friday's the Win is a recurring theme every Friday.  Since everyone looks forward to Friday's arrival each week I figured it'd be a good time to share with everyone here at Geek Faerie what made your week filled with extra awesomeness!  Maybe you finally discovered how to clone Leonard Nimoy.  Maybe you had so much fun playing with your new Faraday cage.  Or maybe you've figured out how to turn your XboX into a Transformer so it can do battle with your newly transformed PS3.  Whatever it is that made your week tell us all about it here. For me it was knowing that I had so many good friends at work, at home, and on the Internet.  Thank you all so much for your support, your love, your caring, and most of all for being there.  I wish my arms were big enough to hug you all at once. <3 Now it's your turn!  What made your FTW or Friday's the Win even better this week?

Giftmas Quest 2010 - Etsy Shops

I decided to take some time create a few posts entitled Gitmas Quest 2010.  These posts will be filled with gift ideas, shops, items I've gotten and would recommend, websites, Etsy shops, whatever I feel like that will help you out this Holiday in the gifts department. This post is comprised of Etsy shops I've favourited or have made purchases from.   I've categorized them and added a short blurb for each of what I like about each of these shops. Clothing BRANDED - The Vintage Dad shirt is what caught my eye.  But I fell in love with the Grr Argh! Whedon Monster shirt! taraduff - Do you also have a teen that wishes he could grow an entire beard instead of the tufts of down he's sporting now?  Help him along this Holiday with a bearded knit cap. BabyEtte - I don't have a baby of my own but I've always seen the baby carrier sling things and thought they were so cute.  Well here you can find one to match not only your style but your outfit too! Shrinkle