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FTW Friday's the Win FTW

FTW or Friday's the Win is a recurring theme every Friday.  Since everyone looks forward to Friday's arrival each week I figured it'd be a good time to share with everyone here at Geek Faerie what made your week filled with extra awesomeness!  Maybe you picked up a million twitter followers this week.  Maybe you found the perfect shade of sparklie eyeshadow and bonus no glitter fall out.  Or maybe you're over joyed that Big Bang Theory got renewed for 3 more seasons.  Whatever it is that made your week tell us all about it here. This week I am super excited that Temptalia broke the news and details for the upcoming MAC Wonder Woman collection!  I have been waiting an entire year for this set to come out.  If you haven't heard or seen anything on it check out my previous posts Here and Here , as well as full details available at Here and Here .

Update! MAC Wonder Woman Collection - Details at

Temptalia just posted 2 new posts full of details regarding the MAC Wonder Woman Spring Collection (available February 10th in US)  I am getting so excited for this!!  Her first post Temptalia: MAC Wonder Woman Collection for Spring 2011 – Official Information, Photos, Prices  provides loads of details on the prices and tons of photos of each product.  The scond post Temptalia: MAC Wonder Woman: Behind the Scenes  contains a questions and answers portion about the collection as well as a mini comic strip.  Head on over to Temptalia and read all about it! All prices are in US Dollars 4 Lipsticks $15.50 each 4 Lipglasses $19.50 each 4 Opulash Mascaras $15.00 each 1 Penultimate Eye Liner $18.50 each 2 Nail Lacquers $14.00 each 1 Lash $14.00 each 1 Defiance Eyeshadow Quad $40.00 each 1 Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad $40.00 each 1 Valiant Eyeshadow Quad $40.00 each 2 Reflects Glitters $21.00 each 2 Pigments $21.00 each 2 Blush Duos $24.00 each 2 Mineralize Skinfinishes $35.00

MAC Wonder Woman Collection - Details at

I just checked and OMG!!!  She has details on the MAC Wonder Woman Collection !!!!  I am sooooo getting this entire collection as soon as it hits the online store!!  I.  Simply.  Must.  Have.  All. Of.  This!  According to Temptalia  looks like the US release date is Feb 10, 2011.  Oh jeez my heart is racing so fast!  This collection is a must for Wonder Woman fans.  From the press photos on Temptalia 's site it appears that the standard MAC packaging has been replaced with Wonder Woman themed packaging.  And I think it's fantastic and gorgeous!!!  Want!  Want!  Want!  I am going to be glued to Temptalia 's site for additional details and I will post here links to everything she shares.  Right now she has pictures and details up.  The quick break down is like this... 4 Lipsticks 4 Lipglasses 4 Opulash Mascaras 1 Penultimate Eye Liner 2 Nail Lacquers 1 Lash Mascara 1 Defiance Eyeshadow Quad 1 Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad 1 Valiant Eyeshadow Quad 2 Re

The Cape - Initial Thoughts (May contain Spoilers)

This review may contain a few spoilers of the show The Cape on NBC.  Please read at your own risk. The Cape will have a Premiere Encore Monday night at 9pm on NBC in case you missed it! I am so digging this show!  I'll admit at first when I heard about it, before I had seen a promo, I thought this show was a horror/suspense/thriller based in a New England coastal town.  Well when you think The Cape you would think that too.  Any way I love comic book type shows.  I was a huge Heroes fan, till the series took a weird turn and then my fangrrl squeeing started to wane.  But this show.  This show is like the pages of a comic coming to life on the television screen.  I don't have to turn a single page!  It's told in that block of action/dialogue style of a comic book.  It's about the scene and the right words, not a long drawn out scene filled with dialogue.  Finally saying so much with so little, letting actions speak.  Why can't more shows do that? This show is abou

Fat Faeries Don't Fly: Losing Weight One Video Game at a Time - Week 0

Those that have seen the Tinkerbell movies would argue that Fairy Mary and Fair Gary get up off the ground quite well.  I'm not talking about them, I'm talking about myself here.  Yes some of you have heard me say on Twitter that Buxom is Beautiful and Curves are Sexy.  However, I would like to have some of my flexibility back and fewer body aches would also be a plus.  I'll be honest with you I haven't done any really work out training since about 2006 when my back started hurting one day after Air Force Physical Training, also known as PT.  Shortly after I was diagnosed with a bulging spine in my upper back which resulted in my PT time becoming less and less and what I could do harder and harder.  I couldn't lift more than 15lbs or carry 15lbs for longer than 10 min.  I wasn't allowed to do any high or low impact exercises of any kind.  It hurt to do Yoga and that's saying something about the level of constant pain I was in.  Since getting out of the Air F

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