FTW! Friday's the Win!! FTW!

FTW or Friday's the Win is a recurring theme every Friday.  Since everyone looks forward to Friday's arrival each week I figured it'd be a good time to share with everyone here at Geek Faerie what made your week filled with extra awesomeness!  Maybe you finally met Neil Gaiman.  (insert OMG fangrrl squee!)  Maybe you finished all of Fable III and saved Albion!  Or maybe you found that elusive and discontinued MAC lipstick on E-bay and it didn't cost you an arm, leg, and your first born child.  Whatever it is that made your week tell us all about it here.

For me it was finally getting my Sigma Make-up brushes  and my Lush haul!

From Sigma I got the Synthetic Face kit, the Complete kit with black brush roll, the Hollywood Glamour Retractable Kabuki in Black, and the Lip brush.  I have been wanting to get these brushes for a long time now.  I've been reading reviews, watching youtube videos, and trolling the site to drool.  I currently have a bunch of E.L.F. brushes that I picked during a 50% brush sale on their site.  Now these brushes aren't terrible for what I paid but they aren't great either.  They were a good starter set for a make-up noob and I'd recommend them to others getting into make-up to give them a go if they need brushes.  Now I have my fabulous new Sigma Brushes and I can't wait to try them out this weekend.

From Lush I picked up Fresh Farmacy face soap, Lovely Jubblies lotion (guess what this is used on), Mint Julip lip scrub, Twilight bath bomb, Dragon's Egg bath bomb, Blackberry bath bomb, Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar, Christmas Eve bubble bar, Bathos bubble bar, and Dream Cream.  I'm a bit addicted to Lush and their items, I just wish a store was closer than having to drive up to Tyson's Corner to smell new products.  The Mint Julip lip scrub, Lovely Jubblie lotion, Bathos bubble bar, and Blackberry bath bomb are items I've been using and need to replace.  The new additions I'm trying out to see if I like or they are Holiday limited editions.  Fresh Farmacy I'm hoping will work well to keep my face under control, I've been using Coalface but it's just a bit too harsh on my skin to use twice a day.  I'm also hoping Dream Cream helps with a few skin problems we've been facing in the house and ones that I know will appear as the temperature drops.  If you've never shopped at Lush I would recommend giving their Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs a go for your first order (Like Blackberry and Bathos, used together are DIVINE!).  Also if you have a shop nearby stop in and give everything a sniff.  All their stuff is all natural and a great deal of it is Vegan Friendly too.

Now it's your turn!  What made your FTW or Friday's the Win even better this week?


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