Kinect and Games Intial Thoughts

A quick trip to Game Stop and we’re home with our AWESOME new family member!!

What?  Did you think I meant this?

*giggles* Yes we picked it all up today and we are testing it out right now.  Set up was super simple and took maybe 15 minutes total to include unpacking.  We started off with Kinect Sports…

And played a lovely round of bowling.  We did notice that the Kinect is very sensitive to the slightest motion, it took a few turns to get the placement of the arms when bowling.  Nothing contortionist like or bizarre, you just had to be aware of your arm placement when playing otherwise you might get a gutter ball.  Next we played table tennis and soccer, again a few learning curves but this was resolved quickly.  I have to say playing this was so much simpler than the Wii.  It instantly recognized if you wanted to be a righty or a lefty.  No setting up the controller a certain way, cause you are the controller!  It also instantly recognized which player was playing when we swapped out.  When the KinectID is set up no need to log out and log back in, just step in front of the Kinect and it logs you in with facial recognition.

At this point we wanted a challenge and broke out the wicked groove thang!

My DragonMonkey has mad skills yo!  Okay that was uncalled for.  *blush* I loved the step by step Break It Down section that covered each dance move in small chunks.  It gave you a chance to watch the dancer and mirror their motions.  Those of us with any dancing skills or who do aerobics will have no problem what so ever with this game.  Those of us that are challenged in this department (my teenager) will still do well.  All the songs have a heavy beat, if you can count you can play this game.  No additional skills required, just follow along as you mirror your character, and rack up the dance points.  And of course laugh hysterically during Freestyle mode as you cut a serious rug.

We didn’t get to Adventures yet (sorry no picture) but it’s my turn to play.  And that means…

Excuse me while I go turn into my 6 year old self and SQUEEE!!

More Kinect thoughts and reviews to come…


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