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The Night of the Doctor

The Night of the Doctor mini episode. Prequel to The Day of the Doctor. http :// /- U3jrS - uhuo Are you excited yet?

Fall Sparkle NOTD

Isn't Autumn lovely?  I just love all the colors nature brings and I love that holiday sets are hitting the cosmetic counters. Woo hoo!! So today I wanted some glitter for my mani. I laid down two coats of Julep Chloe. Dabbed a bit of Nailtini Millionaire at the base if my nails. Then I gently dabbed OPI Pink Yet Lavender all over my nail to fade the look. It took a bit of time since I had to place the large chunks of glitter for effect. I think they look better in person than on my phone. Are you feeling the Autumn sparkle?  Tell me all about it.