China Glaze Hook and Line - The Hunger Games Collection Review

Continuing to the distant shores of Panem on our tour through China Glaze's The Hunger Games Collection we drop our anchor in District 4.  Home to beautiful sandy beaches, crisp blue waters, and scrumptious seafood.

Hook and Line was a bit thick to work with and took a great deal more patience to apply.  Once on I felt the bit of brush stroke line left behind on the nail gave it the character this polish needed for its namesake.  Hook and Line is all about metallic silver shine and the glint of fish scales.  There is also a bit of dullness to this polish as well.  Not in a bad way, just the weather beaten worn look to it.  Overall, I think it works perfectly.  Hook and Line is shown above without a top coat.

Here we have Hook and Line with a single coat of Electrify and no top coat.  I liked the way Electrify laid on this polish when only a few glitter bits were applied.  Too much Electrify just seemed to take away from the over all look.

Hook and Line shown here with one coat of Luxe and Lush and no top coat.  For me I don't think Luxe and Lush worked with Hook and Line.  It shimmered beautifully when the light hit it, but the rest of the time I felt like I had placed large chunks of rock salt on my nails.  I think the reason is Hook and Line doesn't have any other colors or shimmer in it aside from the metallic silver it is, Luxe and Lush just didn't have anything to pull and accentuate here.

China Glaze The Hunger Games Collection is available online and in beauty stores. I picked up mine on Amazon but I have also seen the collection at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply.

If you could live in Panem, where would it be?


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