China Glaze Dress Me Up - The Hunger Games Collection Review

Continuing our tour of Panem though China Glaze's The Hunger Games Collection we find ourselves in District 8.  Home of textiles and the starting place of all the lush colorful fabrics that wrap the lovelies Citizens in The Capitol and don't forget the more durable fabrics that the 12 Districts use.

This luscious dusty rose, shown here with two coats and no top coat, is perfect for work, play, and every day.  A truly versatile color with chameleon like properties help it match near perfectly with any skin tone.  The application was a little thick but easy enough that you could get away with opacity with one coat.

Dress Me Up shown here with one coat of Electrify on top and no top coat.  The two pair up for a dazzling and funky time on your fingers.

Dress Me Up shown here with one coat of Luxe and Lush on top with no top coat.  This pair amps up for party time.  Luxe and Lush reflects silver here, where it took on a golden hue with Mahogany Magic.  Personally I love how these two work together.

China Glaze The Hunger Games Collection is available online and in beauty stores. I picked up my on Amazon but I have also seen the collection at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply

Have you picked your District yet?


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