LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara Review

I am in LOVE with this mascara!  What Benefit's They're Real failed to provide for me this mascara gave me in spades.  Lush full lashes with just enough length to be doll baby flutters in a super glossy black finish.  This mascara contains 'Come Hither' lashes within and possibly magical faerie dust properties as well.

Double Trouble Mascara by LASHEM is a double ended wand housing two unique mascara formulas.  On one end you have the Lengthening formula giving you the perfect amount of length.  The other end is a Volumizing formula containing the right amount of product to make lashes bold and thick.

The lengthening side is your standard brush size.  It always pulled the right amount of product from the tube every time.  I found the lengthening mascara did very well holding a curl on my lashes.  Some curl did fall, but my lashes never hold curl so I'm not surprised this happened.  I also found the lengthening mascara to feel very natural through out the day.  They never felt heavy or over done.

The Volumizing side had a lovely plastic brush that felt like silk.  You know how some plastic bristle brushes itch or feel harsh, not this one.  It felt great every time I wiggled it through my lashes.  It always had the right amount of product and easily maneuvered around my pesky tiny lower lashes with ease.  I cannot say enough good things about this mascara.

The formula for both is a little on the wet side so you might want to wait between applications to ensure each coat is dry.  I tested several coats on my lashes and experienced ZERO clumping.  I did start to get some lash sticking after the fourth or fifth coat, but I don't go much beyond two coats.  The bit of sticking was easily undone with a clean spoolie and did not cause the mascara to flake. 

I also found it to be waterproof, sweat proof, and cry proof.  It held up remarkable well for an overnight test with only a little bit of rub off and some minor flaking on my cheeks.  I think they put spandex in the forumla, my lashes were remarkably flexible all day and into the night.  Clean up was a breeze, the mascara tubes easily rinsed off with a gentle cleanser.  I do not use eye make up remover so having a mascara that comes up without the need for one is aces in my book.  The proof is in the pudding, now if LASHEM would make this mascara in a rainbow of colors I would be one happy faerie!

Volumizing - one coat

Lengthening - one coat

Volumizing and Lengthening - one coat of each

LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara is available online at

Sample provided by PR for consideration.


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