FTW Friday's the Win FTW

FTW or Friday's the Win is a recurring theme every Friday.  Since everyone looks forward to Friday's arrival each week I figured it'd be a good time to share with everyone here at Geek Faerie what made your week filled with extra awesomeness!  Maybe you picked up a million twitter followers this week.  Maybe you found the perfect shade of sparklie eyeshadow and bonus no glitter fall out.  Or maybe you're over joyed that Big Bang Theory got renewed for 3 more seasons.  Whatever it is that made your week tell us all about it here.

This week I am super excited that Temptalia broke the news and details for the upcoming MAC Wonder Woman collection!  I have been waiting an entire year for this set to come out.  If you haven't heard or seen anything on it check out my previous posts Here and Here, as well as full details available at Temptalia.com Here and Here.


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