Inter-Galactic Fun NOTD

Doing my nails can be so cathartic at times.  I was watching the finale of Face/Off last night when I was inspired to do this.

We start off with two coats of L'Oreal Rainy Piccadilly from the London Fall collection, it's a rich deep creamy blue that reminds me of the ocean at night.  On the thumb and index we have Revlon Celestial FX, a fine diamond multi glitter with moons, stars, and diamond pieces throughout.  This one takes some patience if you want the larger pieces on your nails.  The other fingers have my current fave OPI When Monkeys Fly, a chunky mix of medium multi glitter and gold hexagon pieces.  I just love this top coat, it makes everything look stunning.  I know some are mad cause the gold pieces tend to curl and not lay flat.  I just add an extra coat of clear to fix that myself.

So what do you think?  Very stellar don't you agree?


Anonymous said…
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