Valentine's Gifts For That Special Nerd In Your Life

Are you ready nerds?  The final piece of our Valentine's Day Gift Guide is here!  This time we are bringing to you a fabulous selection that you can get for your Geeky Gal or Nerdy Guy this year.  Let the harps play and the magic begin!

Does your love know no bounds?  Is it greater than all of space and time?  Do you both wear a fez now cause fezzes are cool?  Then proclaim your place as a fixed point in time with this Build Your Own Sonic Screwdriver!  Just remember to have yours created in time to save London for Christmas.

Boldly go where no love has gone before with this Spock Picture Frame.  Seated proudly on your desk proclaiming that your love will indeed Live Long and Prosper.  It also tells other nerds you're not afraid to Vulcan Neck Pinch them should they get too close to your bethroded.

Give your love something cute and also masculine.  A coy little Steampunk Dragon Ring to watch over and protect your love.  Nothing says forever and ever quite like a Dragon.  Did I mention this year was the Year of the Dragon too?

Or maybe dreams and poetry is more your significant other's style.  Jotting away at a notebook, filling page after page with professions of love and devotion to your heart.  Give them the key to your soul with this Black Leather Journal and let their heart pour upon each and every page.

Perhaps companions is more your lover's thing.  Little pocket friends to keep them safe and sound.  Protect them when you can't with a guardian Crochet Dragon Plush.  A cuddly constant reminder of your loving heart made with love.

As an extra special bonus, a math problem of love.  When my beau and I found this shirt during our gift searches we could not get over how awesome it was.  We fell about laughing and proclaiming its greatness which is why you need this shirt when all other gifts have failed you.  Behold the awesome that is the Your Derivative Shirt!  Get tangent tonight!!

Did you miss out on any Valentine's Gifts from our previous posts?  Check out our guide for your Geeky Gal or Nerdy Guy

Nerd up!


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