HauteLook Haul - LORAC Naked Lace Collection

LORAC Naked Lace Collection
Not too long ago HauteLook.com had a number of items by LORAC on sale.  I may have picked up an item or four.  You know how it starts.  You tell yourself, "Oh, I'm just going to have a quick look but I won't get myself anything."  Next thing you know your cart is full to bursting with finds, steals, and amazing deals while your SO and credit card clutch their sides in pain.  Then you practically set up camp by the front door waiting for your blessed purchases to arrive.  I may have nearly killed my delivery guy from the adrenaline excitement rush that hit me as his truck stopped at my door.  Yes I need help, I know.

I just couldn't wait to dig my brushes into this collection after tearing the boxes open in lust filled glee.  I'm a sucker for simple colors that pack a serious amount of drama and this collection does not let down.  Let's have a look closer shall we...
LORAC Naked Lace Collection - Rendezvous Blush
 Rendezvous blush is a beautiful pop of pink flush with the tiniest hint of sparkle.  If you're worried about it showing off pores don't be.  Instead this blush gives your cheeks that I-just-came-in-from-a-snow-storm flushed look.  Oh and the lasting power!  This blush, with one application in the am, lasted through 2 blotting sheets and my oily face to still look fresh and wind blown by night fall.  That is over 12 hours of wear time on me.  I could not believe it.

LORAC Naked Lace Collection - Boudoir Eye Shadow
Next up is Boudoir eye shadow, a satiny plumish griege color with a silky application.  This color can be washed over lids for a touch of color or built up for a more intense look.  Personally I gently applied it into my crease till I had a hint of color without looking over done.  I felt the key to this collection was more natural looks, letting yourself shine through not your make up.

LORAC Naked Lace Collection - Negligee Eye Shadow
Next up is Negligee a slightly shimmering cream nude color.  I love these sort of colors for days when I am running so far behind I don't have time for make up.  A few quick sweeps of this color on the eyes with some mascara and you're done.  It adds the right amount of color to stave off the undead look.  Another one for the work look rotation.

Top to Bottom: Rendezvous, Boudoir, and Negligee
Here's a swatch of all three shades.  I experienced zero fall out with these colors, no sparkle travel, and wear time lasted all day at work and well into the evening with just a touch of eye primer.  Also note that these colors pair very well with LORAC Multiplex Mascara if you want to amp up the drama.

LORAC Naked Lace Collection - Mini Couture Shines in Muse, Vintage, and Trendsetter
Also included in the collection were three lovely lip glosses in Muse a satin pink shade, Vintage a nude shade, and Trendsetter a sparklie light pink shade.  All three lasted about 4 hours on me before I had to reapply.  They were non-sticky, non-tacky, and non-drying.  They also had no smell or taste that I noticed.

Left to Right: Muse, Vintage, and Trendsetter
Here's a swatch on my hand.  Muse is my favorite shade of all three, it's become part of the regular rotation.

LORAC Naked Lace Collection - Mini Couture Shines in Muse

Muse on lips

LORAC Naked Lace Collection - Mini Couture Shines in Vintage

Vintage on lips

LORAC Naked Lace Collection - Mini Couture Shines in Trendsetter

Trendsetter on lips

LORAC Naked Lace Collection - Cosmetics Bag
Last but no least is the lace cosmetics bag to hose these delicious collection in.  Despite it's delicate look, this bag is very sturdy.  A solid plastic zipper and the interior was double lined with a durable black fabric.  The bag also has a loop handle that is securely sewn to the bag (not shown).  I'm not a seamstress myself, but my Mother and Grandmother have taught me a thing or two.  I know a well put together item when I see one, and this bag can survive just about anything.

While this collection is no longer for sale, some of these items are still available individually at LoracCosmetics.com and in stores at Ulta and Sephora.

Did any of you duckies haul from HauteLook.com lately?  Tell all in the comments!


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