Zoya Sooki Nail Polish Review

Continuing with the True Blood theme I thought Zoya Sooki nail polish would be a nice add in.  Granted it's not part of the Tarte for True Blood collection but who says it can't be a welcome addition?  Yes Truebies I know the name is missing an 'E' but look at this luscious color and you tell me it doesn't deserve a place. 

Go on, drool all over it. Look at that creamy jelly finish. That classic red that every girl should have in her arsenal, along with her little black dress and high heels that don't hurt your feet. Every one can wear this color. On me it tends to look a little orange or coral depending on the light, other times it looks red, lovely bright red. Cherry red even. Yum! 

I applied two even coats as best as I could but could have gotten away with 1 coat it's that opaque. The consistency was a little thick which I find a bit hard to work with, mostly cause I'm notorious for painting outside the lines. During clean up of the nail edge I didn't suffer any undo staining which was nice. It dried fairly quick for being a jelly finish, but those not familiar with jellies should be prepared to give yourself some extra drying time.

I used 2 base coats of Essie MillioNails (my nails are in horrible shape so I did two to be safe) and 1 top coat of OPI Top Coat. As you know nail polish hardly ever lasts longer than 24 hours on me before it begins to chip and peel. With Zoya Sooki was able to go a full 3 days before small chips on the edges started to appear and so far no peeling. This makes me very happy!

Zoya Sooki is available at most cosmetics retailers and salons as well as online at Zoya.


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