Tarte for True Blood Collector's Eye Shadow Palette Review

I'll admit it, I am an Ultimate Truebie.  I was hooked on the novels by Charlaine Harris over 8 years ago, when the show came out it was only natural I would migrate to it.  I am an uber nerd for True Blood.  I have been waiting for a collection like this for some time!  I was really surprised when I found out Tarte would be doing the collection. 
I keep hoping Pam shows up in an episode with an outfit modeled after the cover!
I have been playing with this palette almost every day since I got it.  (that half explains my lack of reviews lately)  I am in love with this palette!  I honestly think that this is palette, nay this entire collection is the only collection you every need in your arsenal.  It’s just that good! 

Row 1: The Light, Fairy, Dusk
Row 2: Dawn, Werewolf, Waitress, Nocturnal
Row 3: Charmer, Glamour Me, Stake
Row 4: Bayou, Telepath, The True Death, Immortal
Row 5: Moss, Legend, "V"
The palette contains 17, yes you heard me 17 full size eye shadows arranged in a lovely diamond pattern and each one is named after common terms from the series.  The palette contains a huge mirror that closes tight with a magnetic closure.  The eye shadows are protected by a thin plastic insert that is labeled with each eye shadow name.  Mine slides back into place and stays with the help of static cling.  The palette also comes with a travel size Lifted Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol, a travel size Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara, and full size EmpasEyes Aqau-gel Eye Liner in black tucked away in a pull out drawer that should only be "Open After Dark". 

The Lifted Natural Eye Primer is fabulous for those of us with crepe like eye lids.  It helps to smooth out the skin over time.  It also locks shadow in place for all day and well into the night wear. 

Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara is great for full baby doll lashes that feel natural.  I have several travel sized tubes stashed in my emergency makeup kits. 

I’m new to the EmpasEyes Aqua-gel eye liner but I was not let down at all.  It glides on smoothly and evenly, and lasts all day without smudging. 

But let’s talk about these fabulous eye shadows!  I’m telling you I am in love love LOVE!  Soft buttery textures with tons of pigment that blend amazingly well.  Not a dud in the bunch, true to pan, and zero fall out.  The glitter is not gritty and stays great all day long, it's also work safe and in great colors that work for any age.  I've tested a few of the deeper shadows out as eye liners and they are perfect.  They smudge beautiful and with a touch of primer hold fast all day, no disappearing or fading.  I apologize for these close ups not being by row, it was hard to get a good close up that way.  The swatches however are by row.

Top Left Diamond (clockwise from top): The Light, Werewolf, Charmer, Dawn

Top Middle Diamond (clockwise from top):Fairy, Waitress, Glamour Me, Werewolf

Top Right Diamond (clockwise from top): Dusk, Nocturnal, Stake, Waitress

Bottom Left Diamond (clockwise from top): Charmer, Telepath, Moss, Bayou

Bottom Middle Diamond (clockwise from top): Glamour Me, The True Death, Legend, Telepath

Bottom Right Diamond (clockwise from top): Stake, Immortal, "V", The True Death
The arrangement of the entire palette was ingenious.  Each row of colors from top to bottom and left to right go from light and bright to dark and mysterious.  Also the diamond quadrants which I focused on for up close shots can be used for color choices.  Not sure what to wear?  Pick a diamond of 4 shadows and start creating.  Lid, crease, highlight, liner, Voila!
Row 1: The Light, Fairy, Dusk
I'm terrible at color descriptions so here goes nothing.  The Light is a beige shimmer, Fairy a pink shimmer, and Dusk a matte beige tan color.
Row 2: Dawn, Werewolf, Waitress, Nocturnal
Dawn is a beige yellow sparkle, Werewolf a deep dusty brown, Waitress is epic pink sparkle, and Nocturnal is a midnight blue with blue and silver shift sparkle.
Row 3: Charmer, Glamour Me, Stake
Charmer is a deep dark pink shimmer, Glamour Me is a wine purple with red and purple shift sparkle, Stake is a charcoal grey matte maybe frost
Row 4: Bayou, Telepath, The True Death, Immortal
Bayou is a gold shimmer, Telepath is a light pink with silver sparkle shift, the True Death is a silver shimmer, and Immortal is a black with blue and black sparkle shift.
Row 5: Moss, Legend, "V"
 Moss is a green shimmer, Legend a black matte, and "V" is a blood red shimmer.

The palette also comes with a lovely laminated booklet complete with the colors listed on the back and looks to try on the inside.  Channel your inner Sookie, Pam, Arlene, Claudine, Jessica, Tara, Debbie, Luna, or other favorite character from the books and series!

The entire collection is Limited Edition as well as a Collector's piece.  It's available online at Tarte Cosmetics, Sephora, and Ulta as well as in stores at Sephora and Ulta.


Anonymous said…
That looks like a really beautiful palette, really usable and wearable colours! Love true blood, great show! I'd never heard of Tarte before and boo hoo I can't get it her nor do they deliver Internationally! *wail* Love the fact that they are cruelty free and vegan!!

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