MAC Bloggers' Obsessions Jealousy Wakes Eye Shadow Review

Did you get the theme?  First purple now green!  Get it?  I was totally going for a Joker theme!  Or the Hulk.  Can't leave him out, he might SMASH! my blog.

Jealousy Wakes is the truest emerald green I have ever seen.  It's like when Dorothy and the crew crest the hill and look out across the way to see the Emerald City shimmering in the sunlight.  That is this shade.  It shimmers in sunlight, moonlight, LED light, all light it just glows.  Oh my!

And don't get me started on smudging this along the lash line.  You want to add a pop of color to your eyes without a full look then Jealousy Wakes is your gal.  Go on, make everyone jealous.

I swatched it dry for both swatches here.  On the left it's a few swipes with my finger and the small dot on the right is one quick swipe.  I wanted to show the shade with both applications.

MAC Jealousy Wakes is only available at MAC online to US and Canada residents. Unfortunately it is currently sold out but I am hopeful that MAC will have it back in stock soon.


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