FOTD featuring MAC Bloggers' Obsession Hocus Pocus and Nitro:Licious 2046

I haven't done a FOTD (Face of the Day) in a very very long while, so here's a quicky featuring MAC Bloggers' Obsessions.  Enjoy!

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 What you'll need for this look...
Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten Foundation in Regular

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Sweet Joy eye shadow from Venomous Villains Cruella collection
MAC Hocus Pocus eye shadow from Bloggers' Obsessions collection
Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Benefit BrowZings powder side only in Medium
Benefit HighBrow pencil

MAC Briar Rose beauty powder from Venomous Villains Maleficent collection

MAC Nitro:Licious 2046 lipglass from Bloggers's Obsessions collection

Step by Step Instructions:
Apply your powder foundation, using a firm flat topped brush, all over your face and neck.  Be sure to blend well for a flawless complexion.  Next, using a brush or your finger, apply shadow insurance all over your eye lid and up to the brow if necessary.  I have oily lids so I go all the way to the brow myself.  Draw a light yet think line of HighBrow along the brow bone and blend with your finger tip.  Using a small stiff angled brush fill in your brows with BrowZing powder.

Grab your shadow brush, for this look I used my fluffy angled brush, and apply Sweet Joy all over your lid and crease.  Blend well so there are no edges or lines.  Grab another stiff angled or liner brush and apply Hocus Pocus along the lash line.  Feel free to flick at the out corners for a simple cat's eye.  Patting an angled brush at the corners creates this effect too.  Now lash on the mascara.  Go as light or as heavy as you desire.  For this look, since it was for work, I went medium on the mascara, enough to stand out but not to over do it.  Also I only applied mascara to my upper lashes.  I was very tired and my dark circles were noticeable so I didn't want to deal with oily under lids causing mascara to smear about.  I also think it opens the eyes more.

Now grab  your skunk or stippling brush and lightly buff on your blush/beauty powder.  You want to look flush not fake so light hand always.  Next apply a nice coat of Nitro:Licious 2046 to complete your look.  Now go show off to the world!

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