Xbox E3 Briefing June 6, 2011 - A Few Thoughts

So the E3 Xbox Briefing was on Monday and I just got around to watching it on the DVR last night.  I wanted to share with everyone my thoughts on what was shown during the event.  Just wish I could have been there.  Oh to be one of the awesomely cool that gets invited.  How do I get on that bus?  Yoo hoo!  Bridget O'Neill!  Larry Hryb!  I'm cool!  Take me with you!!
*compses self*
Any way, now to the cloud!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
I am fairly certain I had a giant smile on my face while watching this trailer play.  Granted I don't play COD I just watch everyone else play.  Or I trash talk to the other players while SonicReckoning kicks butt.  Any way, I love the crispness of this game.  I'm a big fan of games that the artists have taken the time to render well and this game has a lot of that effort.  I'm just wondering where this whole Red Dawn-esque theme is going take us in the story line.

Tomb Raider
This one disturbed me a bit.  It's definitely not your Mother's Tomb Raider.  It was gritty, dirty, and watching a 21 year old Lara Croft struggle during the trailer was hard to watch.  I did like the survival instinct feature that adds a think and puzzle out aspect to the game play.  Even the cut scenes had interactive play.  I will consider getting it but I'm worried how this will tug on my heart strings during play.

EA Sports
EA will be bringing us 4 Kinect ready games with Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Madden, Fifa, and a fourth yet to be announced game.  Our family plays all 3 of these games and I have to admit Tiger Woods was the one that infuriated me the most.  I'm just not good at controller golf so I'm hoping the Kinect aspect will bring some fun into it for me.  I also know my youngest brother will probably finally cave to get a Kinect just so he can play Fifa online with us.  Very excited for that! 

EA also talked about the Sims now accepting voice commands and a kinect ready Family Game Night 4.  Sims I never got into but Family Game Night, yes please!

Mass Effect 3
Teen Misfit plays this one and he's looking forward to it.  New play aspects include voice recognition which allows you to verbally chose two options during game play to decide  how the dialogue plays out as well as a combat command portion too.  SonicReckoning pointed out that Ghost Recon had a voice recognition aspect to it of similar sorts some time ago.  Still I think it's pretty cool.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
The overly graphic slow motion death kill mayhem destruction bah-splosions trailer set to Opera music was a bit too much for my tastes.  Ghost Recon aren't meant to be nice games but this one appears to be extra heaping helpings of blood and violent.  The customizable weapon aspect in the gun smith feature did add some awesome for me.  I know SonicReckoning is looking forward to this one.  I'll pass but might sit in and watch a few times.

Xbox 360 Dashboard Make Over
As if last year's wow with Kinect wasn't enough, the November release will have many many lovely goodies for us.  The Cylon aspect of Kinect with voice enabled features will be much broader than ever.  By your command Xbox.  We've been promised new partnerships 'increased by a Factor of 10' and millions of new content items.  We will finally have access to YouTube and Bing with increased searchability.  Plus partnerships with television companies to bring live TV to your Xbox.  As if any of us needed yet another reason to be in front of the TV.  LOL  Just wait, one day my blog posts will come from my Xbox!

Fans of Ultimate Fighter will be overjoyed to hear they can order events through their console and can compete with friends to decide who will win each match.  The Octagon waits for no one

The following will only be available on Xbox 360...

Gears of War 3
Or as I dubbed the trailer, Gears of the Caribbean.  What was up with the Krakken with mac and cheese eyes?  It looked cool but it still felt 2 dimensional to me.  I don't know I'm not into the games and it just felt like another rehash.

Join the Roman Army.  See the Roman Empire.  Meeting interesting and exotic people.  Kill them.  Awesome potential with Kinect play equals exponential woot!

Combat Evolved Halo Anniversary
Do you miss the first Halo?  Well fear not for it will be digitally remastered for your pleasure.  And new Xbox live co-op play.  Be tingled on November 15, 2011.

Forza Motorsport 4
Kaylee was screaming SHINY in my head.  Oh so very SHINY!!  Kinect integration of course and now with head tracking.  No longer will you have to click through views to see what's around you, now you just move your head.  Nice!  Coming October 11, 2011

Fable: The Journey
I am a huge Fable geek.  Huge I tell you!  And now I get to cast Fireballs!  Magic Missile!  Magic Missile!  Watch me turn into a puddle of goo on the floor.  Coming in 2012!  Can't wait!!

It's first console debut is set for Winter 2011.  Winter is coming and it's bringing Minecraft with it.

Disneyland Adventures
All the awesome of Disney without the travel, annoying people, and long wait times.  Now you can explore the entire park, interact with characters, create souvenirs to share with friends, and ride the rides.  Inner Child Approved all the way!!  OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!  Coming Holiday 2011 just in time for Giftmas!

Star Wars
I hope you've been honing your lightsaber skills and Force push cause now all that hard work is going to pay off.  Get ready to be the Jedi you always wanted and more.  I did notice that the graphics had a bit of a Clone Wars cartoon feel to them, but I think I can look past that.  I'm also curious how this game will work with Youngest's coordination issues.  No release date as of yet.

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
I deem this game Inner Child Approved and I haven't even played it.  I don't care if it's for the kids and teaches lessons and gives the parents something to interact and play with their kids.  I want this game!!

Fun Labs!!
Available now for download from the Dashboard.  We got it last night and out of the gate Googly Eyes was the winner.  The theme song is hilarious too.  Kinect me was pretty awesome if not a little frightening to make yourself the avatar.  Sparkler while not available yet has some serious potential to be fun.  I'm really looking forward to see where the technology behind these games goes.  Exciting times!

Sports Season 2
Get ready for baseball, skiing, golf, darts, tennis, and football!  The gauntlet has been thrown in our house, I will defeat SonicReckoning at tennis.  Oh yes I will.  Plus I can't wait to play these games as a carrot.  Fun fun fun!!

Dance Central 2
An entirely redesigned Break It Down feature, import songs from the original Dance Central, simultaneous multi player action, and all new campaign mode.  Get ready to dance your arse off!

Halo 4
Coming Holiday 2012
Teen Misfit squealed.

Major Nelson also had a few things to share on his blog that weren't mentioned at the event.  Check it out!


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