When Geek and Beauty Collide

First off let me digress from what I want to talk about to talk about this picture.  While looking for a picture to use in this post I jokingly googled "There's a geek in my cosmetics".  To my surprise Barbie appeared.  It was a bit unexpected.  I now return you to my original thought process for this post...

Any who, I was catching up on Facebook posts and was reminded by Zoya that the Sooki nail polish was available and perfectly timed for the start of Season 4 on HBO.  Any fan of True Blood or the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Series of books knows exactly what I am talking about.  If not, please go google it, don't worry we'll wait...

This of course led to a random browse of the site for the other female characters of the show and book series.  I wasn't very successful with the few characters I searched.  Although Sophie-Ann searched as two separate names did return two colors that I believe the Vampire Queen of Louisiana would be smitten with.  View Sophie and Anne.  And like all random thoughts I started to think about my cosmetic collection and the random bits I've started to put together that have geek type themes.  Like buying cosmetics with names from Rush songs or make-up that is TARDIS blue.  Just silly little things like that.

Granted it's not vast or anything but it's just a fun little thing to do.  I think it makes the make-up hunt more unique.  It adds another layer to it all.  Plus it gives me something else to gush about with other geek girls or makeup fans.  And as always gives me something to get SonicReckoning's eyes to roll, unless it's Rush related.  When it comes to Rush he's totally on board.  <3


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