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I've been waiting patiently for its arrival and yesterday when I got home from work there it was in all its black shipping box glory!

Oh pretty pretty little beauties you are all mine!

I'm sorry what was that?  Oh you'd like more pictures and a quick description?  Of course duckies!

Let's start off with the 4 eye shadows, top two: Parisian Skies (grey blue satin finish) and Hocus Pocus (sooty grey with silver pearl satin finish), bottom two: Sparkle Neely Sparkle! (rust brown with champagne shimmer velvet finish) and Jealousy Wakes (emerald green with teal and gold pearl veluxe pearl finish).  Parisian Skies, Hocus Pocus and Sparkle Neely Sparkle! all had a buttery soft feel to them both in the pan and when swatched.  Jealousy Wakes seemed a bit stiffer in the pan but turned to butter when swatched.

From left to right: Parisian Skies, Hocus Pocus, Sparkle Neely Sparkle!, and Jealousy Wakes

A little lipglass love too shall we?  From left to right: Caqui (persimmon orange), Sonoran Rain (coral red with gold and silver pearl), Evolution Revolution (peachy pink), Nitro: Licious 2046 (intense red), and All Of My Purple Life (purple with subtle sparkle).  All glided on beautifully when swatched.  Not a single issue I noted at all.

A little look inside?  From left to right: Caqui, Sonoran Rain, Evolution Revolution, Nitro: Licious 2046, and All Of My Purple Life.

Some swatch love as well.  Shown here is: Caqui, Sonoran Rain, Evolution Revolution, and Nitro: Licious 2046.

The rest of the swatches.  Shown here: Evolution Revolution, Nitro: Licious 2046, and All Of My Purple Life

Personal picks of mine are Parisian Skies, Sparkle Neely Sparkle!, Sonoran Rain, and Nitro: Licious 2046.  Check out my original post with links to the beauty blogging ladies behind these fabulous shades and their adventures at MAC!  Also I heard a rumor that many are having give aways from this collection. <3

MAC Bloggers' Obsessions is available online only to US and Canada customers.  At this time Hocus Pocus and Jealousy Wakes are Sold Out.  No word yet on if they will be available again.


Unknown said…
Nice! I need some of these :)

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