SoothingSuds Satsuma Sugar Scrub Cubes Review and Holy Grail Product

Who doesn't love a little pampering in the shower?  Or a good sugar scrub to boot?  If you're like me you've probably tried those liquid drippy versions and if you're like me hated them.  They always reminded me of playing with finger paints.  Great for fun time but not so much if you wanted to scrub and go.  Well SoothingSuds has my HG of scrubs!  All the awesome sugary scrubby goodness in cube form.  Who doesn't love cubes? 

Satsuma Sugar Scrub Cube is a refreshing blend of Japanese Mandarin, Grapefruit, Bergamot and Lemon with hints of Apple, Mango, Peach and Raspberry.  The perfect pick me up to any one's day.  See the beauty of these cubes isn't just the glorious smell of them but the add water and smoosh between your palms then scrub aspect.  The cube emulsifies into a foamy moisturizing pampering dream to wash all over your body with just one cube.  That's right one cube to do your entire body.  Course I'm a greedy monkey and use two but that's only cause I LOVE how these smell.

And how are they post shower?  Divine!  The smell lingers on my skin all day and the mix of Shea and Mango butters keeps me moisturized without the need for an after shower slather.  Can you really go wrong here?  Exfoliate, moisturize, cleanse, condition, smell amazing all in one perfect cube!

I'd also like to note that I am rubbish at waking up and getting going in the morning.  For those mornings, which happen to be nearly every morning, I'll crack the lid and take a sniff of the cubes.  Oh just talking about these is making me want to take a shower.  Later must go exfoliate and smell like citrus fantastic! <3 

SoothingSuds Sugar Scrub Cubes come in a variety of scents and her stock rotates so check back often for new goodies!  You can find her store HERE.


Anonymous said…
You do a great job in describing the smell, they sound great!! I love leaving the bathroom in a haze of steamy perfume loveliness in the morning and the idea of cube is fab, that's so nifty, no messing about with squeezy bottles or worse still tubs that once you scoop the product out you have to try close with one hand in the shower - not fun!! BTW: I like your blog, saw you comment on
SoothingSuds said…
hey Corinne! I just stumbled onto your blog post here....thank you for such a wonderful review:) I am tickled to hear you love the Sugar Scrub Cubes!

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