MAC Surf Baby - Naturally Eccentric Lipstick

Most would pass on this shade at first glance.  I understand, it's a tube of white lipstick, who would wear white lipstick?  But what you don't see is the potential blank canvas that it actually is.  Just a bit on your lips gives the lack of pigmentation to let a layered on gloss stand out.  Think about it, most glosses get lost on lips based on your level of color.  But with a white nude shade like Naturally Eccentric you can give that gloss what it deserves, the ability to stand alone as well as some hang 10 time.  Of course you could wear it by itself, but why would you?  Go crazy and start layering your gloss on top and see where that takes you.

Naturally Eccentric is a Limited Edition creamy white nude with a lustre finish.

MAC Surf Baby is available online at MAC and in stores.


Ashley said…
I actually wear this by itself a lot. I'm pretty pale (NW15) and it matches my skin so it doesn't look truly white. :)
But yeah, the under-gloss usage you mentioned is wonderful too.

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