MAC Surf Baby - My Paradise Cheek Powder

Don't you hate it when you're in a rush and you end up going a little darker on your make-up then you wanted to.  Well that is what I did the first day I put on My Paradise.  It's not terrible but sheesh I need to pay attention more.  I bring this up because of how dark this color is, you really need to use a light hand and watch how much you apply.  I only dipped my brush into the peach side cause I didn't want any sparkle and I still got a bit much.  I should have just accepted the sparkle and done my traditional one quick light swish around the pan, that always gives me the right amount of color.  But no I was trying to go for just peach and got too much.  Live and learn.  Random side track, you ever notice how we take the time to reduce the amount of red on our face just to go back in with blush and add color.  We are odd ducks aren't we?

My Paradise is a Limited Edition peach pressed powder with a gold hibiscus flower overspray.  Peach is one of those colors that works for some.  As I said I did notice this color ran a bit dark so try swatching this one before you buy to see if it's a good fit for your skin tone.

You can see how the gold overspray is quite raised ensuring it won't disappear after the first swipe.  A good call by MAC for those that like a bit of sparkle for the beach.

Swatched from left to right: Peach side only, gold overspray only, both mixed together.

MAC Surf Baby is available online at MAC and in stores.


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