MAC Surf Baby Lipglass - Krazy Kahuna

A lovely shiny ruddy brown color that acted almost like a stain on my lips.  I'm very methodical about getting my lipstick to last through out the day.  You may have heard me mention I'm a chronic lip chewer which I am trying very hard to give up.  I also try to salvage my lip color by dabbing my lips with a napkin when I eat to only remove the top layer rather than wiping and removing everything.  After a full day of eating and the usual lipglass required touch ups I was surprised to find how much color had hung around.  Granted I could not have gone all day without a touch up but I was able to go longer and needed fewer with Krazy Kahuna.  This one is definitely a keeper and I might get a second so I don't have to wait for it to repromote.

Krazy Kahuna is a Limited Edition warm mid-tone brown.  The nice thing about MAC lipglasses is they are a nice alternative to lipgloss.  They are not sticky and the colors tend to be very opaque.  Not to mention  they come with an application wand so no gloopy press up mess that you sometimes get with tube glosses.

MAC Surf Baby is available in stores at MAC and online.


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