MAC Surf Baby - Hangin' Loose Nailpolish Review

I lashed this color on Tuesday night with three thin coats just to see what it looked like.  I'm not normally a nude kinda girl, I find the colors far too light and they tend to make my hands look sallow.  Yet I'm digging Hanging' Loose.  There's a blush to the color that really warms it up on my hands.  The texture is also insanely smooth and I've been running my fingers over the top of my nails.  Yes I'm weird sometimes. 

I knew when I put this color on it was going to be very sheer and have a visible nail line.  I could have gotten away with 2 thin coats but 3 just brought more of that blushing pink color out.  Now the one thing I can't speak on it wear time.  First I just put this color on Tuesday night so that hasn't given much time to see how it does.  Second, I'm lucky if I can get polish to last on my nails without chipping for 24 hours.  In fact I believe I chipped the polish Wednesday morning around lunch time.  My nails just hate polish for some reason.  That and no matter how careful I am something always happens.  Oh well.  Given the nature of the polish and what I've read on other blog reviews wear time seems to be average to pretty good.  Plus if you're like me wearing a lighter shade will hide defects and chips a lot better.  They don't stand out as badly like they do on darker polish colors.

Hangin’ Loose is a Limited Edition dirty pink nude nail polish

MAC Surf Baby is available online at MAC and in stores.


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