MAC Surf Baby - Bust Out! Lipstick

I'll admit I was hesitant to wear this shade to work.  In the tube it reminded me of MAC's Violetta, which is an amplified color (and when I say amplified I mean surround sound base thumping loud).  If Violetta is the hard rocking bad girl then Bust Out is her more demure and quiet sister.  Don't get me wrong she still packs quite a color punch but in a wearable shade that won't have your boss putting on his sunglasses when he comes to talk to you.  The color was rich with full coverage that also could be blotted down to a lighter shade.  I found for touch ups I could just tap the lipstick on my lips and then press them together to distribute.  If you're tired of red and pink every week, toss in a day with Bust Out!  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Bust Out! is a Limited Edition dirty mid-tone violet with a lustre finish.

MAC Surf Baby is available online at MAC and in stores.


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