MAC Bloggers' Obsessions Evolution Revolution Lipglass Review

Evolution Revolution is a beautiful my lips but better shade reminiscent of oven baked peach pie.  There's a comforting sugary warmth about this color.  Like all it's missing is a scoop of french vanilla bean ice cream.  Course MAC's vanilla scent found in all lipglasses only helps to seal this feeling.

There is something playful about this color.  SonicReckoning described it like cotton candy.  I think he's sharing my sugary thoughts about this color.  It evokes something youthful when I wear it.  I want to be a little girl again with my giant bag of cotton candy and plate of funnel cake.  Summer childhood memories full of fun and candy.

Maybe my boss will buy our office a Cotton Candy machine if I wear it.  Hey it could happen.  :D

MAC Evolution Revolution is only available at MAC online to US and Canada residents.


Cliff Watson said…
Greaat reading your post

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