MAC Bloggers Obsessions Collection

The blogosphere has been buzzing about this collection since 9 lucky bloggers were chosen by MAC Cosmetics to travel to their Toronto facility and create their own eye shadow or lipglass.  Can you imagine?!  I am so happy for these girls and I wanted to share the news with all you duckies!

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The collection will be available online only on June 21st so mark your calendars and set your alarm.  I know I am not going to miss out on this collection when it hits the site.  Also all items are limited edition so grab them while you can!

Hocus Pocus by The Makeup Girl is a dark sooty grey with silver pearl with a satin finish
Jealousy Wakes by Temptalia is a seething emerald green with teal and gold pearl with a veluxe pearl finish
Parisian Skies by Lipstick Powder N Paint is a muted grey-blue with a satin finish
Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle! by Beauty Blogging Junkie is a deep rusty brown with champagne-colored sparkle with a velvet finish

All of My Purple Life by Afrobella is a deep purple/grape with subtle sparkle
Caqui by Beauty Maverick is a persimmon orange
Evolution Revolution by Makeup and Beauty Blog is a warm peachy pink with subtle purple, green, blue micro glitter
Nitro:licious 2046 by Nitrolicious is an intense shiny red
Sonoran Rain by The Shades of U is a deep coral-red with gold and silver pearl

I took the time to read all the blog posts by the girls and I wanted to share their experiences.  You'll find the direct links to their stories below.  It was really amazing to discover the thought process as well as the creation  and recreation process that goes into finding the perfect shade.  Very amazing from not only a make up loving stand point but also the science behind it to tickle my nerd fancy.  Enjoy!

Eye Shadow
The MakeUp Girl
Lipstick Powder N Paint
Beauty Blogging Junkie

Beauty Maverick
Makeup and Beauty blog  and 12 Ways to Wear Her New Color
The Shades of U - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

So if you were offered a once in a lifetime chance to have create your perfect shade of eye shadow, lipglass or both what colors would you chose?  For me it would have to be the perfect shade of Azure blue.  Back when I was active duty deployed to Qatar I was able to go off base and see the city.  It was one of those awful sweltering hot humid days in the desert, Qatar being so close to the water is very humid and not a dry heat.  We had stopped by the water and I was just mouth agape by the beauty of it.  The most pristine crystal clear perfect shade of sparkling blue water you had ever seen.  I swear this color doesn't exist outside of nature.  I've tried to find it from crayons to paint to make up to anything I could find that would even dare to come close.  That is the shade I would create.

The picture doesn't do it the justice that it is to see it in person.  But look at how blue that water is.

What would you create?


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