MAC Bloggers' Obsessesions Hocus Pocus Eye Shadow Review

It's funny but the more I try and experiment with all the pieces in this collection the more I understand MAC's logic behind choosing these colors.  All together you sit back and go, hmmm how do all these work together?  Should they work together?  And my answer, a loud yes!  So far two of the eye shadow colors, Hocus Pocus and Sparkle Neely, Sparkle! can be used as eye liners as well as shadows.  Pairing them with a base like Jealousy Wakes or Parisian Rain with one of the lipglasses, bingo complete look!  Or even do what I did at work and mix Caqui lipglass with Sonoran Rain lipglass to get a hot new color.  I know I'm rambling again when I should be talking about the eye shadow.  Okay okay I'm getting on with it.  Sheesh!

Hocus Pocus is a beautiful dark sooty charcoal laced with silver sparkle goodness.  It makes me think of a cast iron cauldron I used to own.  I can just see this color pair beautiful with fiery reds and oranges blazing on your eyes like a Muse.  Yes look into my eyes while wearing Hocus Pocus and I will divine your future!

I love how this color is almost matte, the silver is waiting to be discovered deep inside.  I think for work tomorrow I'm going to smudge this all over my eyes.  The charcoal and silver will keep the color fresh and light for work without being a crazy dark smokey eye.  I've been inspired!  Now what lipglass should I mix for tomorrow?

MAC Hocus Pocus is only available at MAC online to US and Canada residents.  At this time it is sold out, but my hope is MAC will restock it very soon.


Lianne Farbes said…
Thanks for the awesome review!!! So glad you love the shadow!!!! xxxxoooo Lianne
Geek Faerie said…
Thank you for creating an awesome shade!

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