Lush Lovely Jubblies Cream Review

I wanted to love you, I really did.  I wanted to love you so bad that I bought you again and kept trying.  You smelled okay in the tub and your scent didn't linger on the skin too long thankfully.  You applied evenly but your recommendations for a little goes a long way I found untrue.  For a while I thought you were working, but then realized my only changes to my routine besides you were application.  Namely I applied the cream working in upward direction instead of down on my girls.  Kind of a no brainer there, if you want the skin to look youthful you apply up and not drag the skin down.  Did my ample bosom appear firmer and more youthful?  Not that I could tell nor the critical eye of my man.  I thought maybe we were missing something and so I stopped about halfway through my second tub and went back to normal body lotion but kept the application technique the same.  Again no noticeable difference.  I wasn't expecting the twins to suddenly defy gravity, although that would be a miracle cream if it did but I was expecting something.  A little lift, a little toning, a little firming, something that the tub claimed.  What I got was just a nice cream, that was a bit too expensive, and just didn't work for me.  C'est la vie.

Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream is available online as Lush and in stores.


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