Hot Mama Monday - MAC Surf Baby Hibiscus Lipstick

Hot Mama Monday spotlights one item that I feel is a must have in your beauty bag.  If you only pick up one item this week have it be a Hot Mama item!

I am loving this color so much.  It is vibrant and a perfect pop of color on my lips.  The formula is creamy, rich and feels soft when I press my lips together.  The downside is it does transfer to everything that even brushes against your lips.  While enjoying my hotpocket for lunch every bite resulted in Hibiscus all over it not matter how hard I tried to avoid it.  It's like these sorts of lipsticks just want to be all over everything.  I also noticed the barest hint of bleeding, but it was so very minute that only a microscope will pick it up.  I did like that Hibiscus left a nice stain behind on my lips.  I probably could have gone all day without a touch up but I did my usual lunch time ritual any way.  It still packed quite a punch despite fading to a stain.

Hibiscus is a Limited Edition bright orange coral with a cremesheen finish.  It's a perfect summer time color.  Bright and beautiful.  The orange and coral coloring of this lipstick should make it wearable on just about anyone.  The color is also very buildable on the lips.

MAC Surf Baby is available online at MAC and in stores.


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