Hot Mama Monday - MAC Bloggers' Obsessions Parisian Skies Eye Shadow Review

I don't have enough sky blues in my collection.  Parisian Skies is one of those almost storm blues.  Like the color the sky gets before it goes grey.  That in between color where the blue is so vivid and striking it just stands out to be noticed.

Hidden deep inside its satiny depths the subtle shimmer and sparkle of blue rain drops waiting to fall.  A color so rich and versatile.  A sheer wash for a hint of color or  built up for an intense smokey grey blue eye.

See what I mean in the above picture.  The longer swatch is a few layers built up with my finger while the smaller swatch is a quick dab.  I knew this color was going to be exquisite I just didn't know how much till I saw it in person.  This color is going to work so well for work especially paired with a grey shadow.

MAC Parisian Skies is available only at MAC online to US and Canada residents

Hot Mama Monday spotlights one item that I feel is a must have in your beauty bag.  If you only pick up one item this week have it be a Hot Mama item!


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