Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette Review

I've had this palette since last fall so please ignore the brush and finger marks.  As always my zeal got the best of me and I couldn't help myself.  Maybe that's a good thing, a swatch photo that's all ready messed up shows how much someone enjoys the item.  Yes?  Maybe?  Okay okay I'll get on with it. 

Top Row: HotPot #S31, HotPot #B0 , HotPot #M0 , HotPot #B02,
Middle row: HotPot #ME1, HotPot #ME2, HotPot #ME1, HotPot #ME12,
Bottom Row: HotPot #ME7, HotPot #ME04, HotPot #ME18, HotPot #M23
 The Think Pink Palette comes with 12 eye shadows in a variety of blush, matte, satin shimmer, and metallic rose shades and complimenting metallic greys and matte black. Coastal Scents identifies their shadows by a letter/number scheme rather than naming them. Course if you don't like that you could always create your own names for the colors. Hmmm I like that idea I think I might do that.

Any way the palette is a good mix of light and dark shades to chose from.  The lid is covered edge to edge with a mirror, unlike some palettes that have a tiny one or no mirror to speak of.  The base of the palette itself is magnetic and the hotpots are easily removed.  Notice in the above photo the little half moons on the upper right of each eye shadow, you can easily slip your finger in there and remove the pans.  Another thing I love about Coastal Scents is their hotpots are labeled on the back.  No trying to remember what color that was or making labels for your palette.  It makes my organized side sing!

Left to Right: #S31, #B01, #M08, and #B02
The textures are butter soft and excellently pigmented.  Not a dud in the whole bunch in my opinion.  The swatches above are of the top row of shadows.  I call this row The Funky Pink.  #M08 is one of my faves.  This row can work as blush or shadow.  The row itself contains 2 blushes, a satin shimmer, and a matte but looking at these you can see the possibilities for blushing goodness!

Left to Right: #ME14, #ME20, #ME19, and #ME12
The second row gets into the metallic finishes.  It's my Robo-Rose row.  Say that three times fast.  #ME12 is my fave here.  I like using this as a single solid wash of color all over the lid and accent it with some black eye liner.  This row is a good go to of mine for quick looks, especially for work.  A hint of pink for color and lots of metallic shine for glam!

Left to Right: #ME07, #ME04, #ME18, and #M23
The bottom row has a highlighter and dark charcoals and blacks with 3 metallic and one matte finish.  Or you can call it the Storm Cloud row.  These can be used to line the eyes, add highlights, or even blended with the previous two rows to darken the color for the crease or outer eye corner.  My fave here is #ME04, the swatch doesn't show the pink hidden inside those silvery depths.

I didn't expect this palette to be as versatile as it has been for me.  I was worried the colors were going to become hum drum pink after pink or OMG PINK.  Instead I found a palette that I reach for time after time for looks, as well as a very good travel palette complete with GIANT mirror.  You could say I've become a bit of a Pink Lady.  *chuckle*

The Think Pink Palette is available online at Coastal Scents.


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