Cargo Mediterranean Collection Review

I've been eyeing this set for a while.  Mostly the Teal eye pencil and make-up bag.  I wanted a slightly smaller make up bag than the one I'm using and this one might work.  Also I figured it'd be a good buy to try a few Cargo items and see how I like them.  I was certainly not disappointed with anything in this collection.  I tossed together a quick look for work on Thursday which I will try to replicate and put up for everyone.  Now on to the review!

The collection contains a full size blush in Mendocino, a full size eye shadow duo in copper and gold, a full size Better-than-Waterproof Mascara, a travel size Swimmables waterproof eye pencil in Teal and a travel size lip gloss in Morocco, all packaged in the beautiful Voyages make-up bag.

The Voyages make-up bag is a sturdy thick pleather bag with a big exposed zipper. I prefer bags like this, no zipper catching on the fabric at all.  Also the dolphin zipper pull is nice and big too, another bonus.  It's a good sized bag that holds all the items in this collection as well as room for a few more. 

The eyeshadow duo only had one draw back for me. The tin it is housed in takes a little work to get open. This could just be the case with mine though. It's not terrible or a deal breaker, I just had to use my nails to get it to pop open. Inside you'll find a lovely sparklie gold shade and a deep shimmery copper shade. I was concerned with so much glitter from the gold but I had no fall out. The gold leaned a little more yellow while the copper had a bit more brown. Worn together these colors work beautifully with my brown eyes. I'm really blessed in the eye department, despite them being such a deep brown that appears to have no other color in them. I have these copper, bronze, gold, and a few red flecks in my eyes. So these kinda colors just really make my eyes pop. It's a trick I found to matching eye shadows. Just look real close to your iris and look for what colors are hidden in there. I know I know I'm getting off track. 

The Better-than-Waterproof mascara had a nice dark black color and was the perfect consistency.  Not too wet to cause transfer and not to dry to cause clumps.  It dried to a glossy finish and my lashes felt somewhere between stiff and natural.  Not a bad place to be if you ask me.  I haven't tested it's waterproof durability but it did do okay in the oily skin test.  Due to the amount of oil on my face that accrues mascara has a tendency to stain or bleed under my eye and where my lashes land when I blink.  It can lead to some odd striping under my eyes or worse smear and give me panda eyes.  Thankfully this one only striped and wipes away with a few pats of my fingers.

The Mendocino blush is a deep pink shade with some micro glitter in there. I tapped my stippling brush twice against it and found that was plenty of color. On darker skin tones this color will be just perfect. On fairer shades, like myself, it was a lot of color to have. A light hand is recommended.   It's also a nice enough color to wear year round, I'm a sucker for deep pink shades like this.  Gives the cheeks that rosy in from the cold look or on tanned skin a lovely flush.

The Morocco lip gloss is a lovely pink pearl with tons of multi-colored micro glitter. This had plenty of pigmentation to wear alone but would look fab over any lipstick shade. It also was not sticky at all and had a pretty good wear time for a gloss. The other thing I liked was it stayed juicy for a while and never dried out my lips. 


I was concerned the teal eye pencil was going to be too much for work and was also worried it was going to be similar to pencils I own.  I did find a dupe but I'll talk about that below.  As for work it was perfect. I did a very thin line against my lashes that added a nice pop of color and I was surprised to find the liner was a deep teal shade with some gold shimmer mixed in. Very on trend and very eye color friendly.  Cargo claims this to be waterproof but I have not tested it as of yet.  I wonder how many odd stares I'll get at the pool with waterproof swatches all over my arm as I swim?  Bah testing in the shower is so last season.

 I wanted to swatch Cargo Teal with a bunch of other Tears in my collection.  As you can see I found a very close dupe.  From left to right: Urban Decay 24/7 Covet, Urbay Decay 24/7 Flipside, MAC Pearlglide Undercurrent, Urban Decay 24/7 Deviant, Stila Smudge Stick Peacock, MAC Powerpoint Blue Moon, and Cargo Swimmables Teal.

Cargo Mediterranean Collection is availble online at Cargo and in stores at Ulta.


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