Wonder Woman Figurine

If you are ever in a store and here a loud girlish squeal of delight that might possibly shatter your ear drums, chances are you'll find me.  Sometimes I just can't help myself especially when I find HER!

I was in Hot Topic looking for more buttons to add to my growing flair collection for my various messenger bags, purses, and Bags of Holding.  I saw Robin out of the corner of my eye on a shelf and it was pretty much game over from there.  I started moving various other figurines out of the way on my quest.  Green Lantern...no...Superman...no...Batman...no...another Batman...Oh!...no that's Superman...Oh there she is!!  Now picture a grown woman hugging a box, petting it and muttering 'My Precious'.  Yes it happened.

Front of Box

Back of Box
 As you can see from the back of the box there are quite a few of these characters in the series.  I may go on line and grab a few more.  I'm a closet Riddler fan from the early TV show, he always made me smile.  The figurines are not pose able or bendable which is just fine by me.  I'm glad I have her!

One last picture of Diana to share. :D

Available in stores and online at Hot Topic.

Have any Wonder Woman items in your collection?  Share share share!


Bubbashelby said…
That is SUPER cute! I saw Batgirl at Hot Topic once but sadly passed on it, I may have to go back soon and see if she's still there.

And since you asked us to share, check out these Wonder Women from my collection: http://toyriffic.blogspot.com/2011/05/if-you-like-it-then-you-shoulda-put.html
Corinne said…
If you can't find her in store check online at HotTopic.com, they carry them there too. :D

Also in the event of zombiepocalypse you better hide all your Wonder Woman cause even my zombiefied self will not be able to resist! All Your Wonder Woman Are Belon To Us!

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