Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wonder Woman Figurine

If you are ever in a store and here a loud girlish squeal of delight that might possibly shatter your ear drums, chances are you'll find me.  Sometimes I just can't help myself especially when I find HER!

I was in Hot Topic looking for more buttons to add to my growing flair collection for my various messenger bags, purses, and Bags of Holding.  I saw Robin out of the corner of my eye on a shelf and it was pretty much game over from there.  I started moving various other figurines out of the way on my quest.  Green Batman...Oh! that's Superman...Oh there she is!!  Now picture a grown woman hugging a box, petting it and muttering 'My Precious'.  Yes it happened.

Front of Box

Back of Box
 As you can see from the back of the box there are quite a few of these characters in the series.  I may go on line and grab a few more.  I'm a closet Riddler fan from the early TV show, he always made me smile.  The figurines are not pose able or bendable which is just fine by me.  I'm glad I have her!

One last picture of Diana to share. :D

Available in stores and online at Hot Topic.

Have any Wonder Woman items in your collection?  Share share share!
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