Urban Decay Urban Bride - Initial Thoughts

Urban Decay released the Urban Bride on their site and in stores a few weeks ago.  I did not pick it up only because I all ready own the majority of the items featured inside.  Despite this I still wanted to talk about the items inside in case any one was thinking about picking this up as a Bride's gift, Bride's Maids gift, or just a treat for yourself.

Housed in a lovely gift keepsake box come 5 travel sized and 1 full sized version of some of Urban Decay's hottest products.  Inside you'll find:

Marshmallow Sparkling Lickable Body Powder
Midnight Cowboy Lip Junkie Lipgloss
Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder
Eden Eyeshadow Primer Potion (full size)
SuperCurl Curling Mascara
All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

I don't own Marshmallow but I do own Honey.  Both are scented, glittery, and lickable, although SonicReckoning doesn't think there is much of a taste.  Honey does add some lovely shine that is a bit glittery but not the sparkly vampire kind.  Just a few sparkle octaves above glowing.  The scent itself doesn't last too long on the other hand the sparkle does.  At least till the shower where most of it will wash away.  Like any glitter product it will transfer some and get on everyone and every thing.

I have quite a few of the Lip Junkie glosses and I have to say I am madly in love with them.  I love that they are super glossy and not sticky at all.  These also have a lovely mint scent that makes my lips tingle, this is a result of the lip plumping they are infused with.  The lip plumping is mild and I have not suffered any ill side effects or lip pain from these.  Midnight Cowboy is as you would guess very glittery, super glittery in fact.  Yet on the lips it's a very micro glitter that looks more shimmery.  I've worn it alone and over light and dark lipsticks alike.  With some of the lighter and neutral lip colors Midnight Cowboy tends to mask the color behind all that shimmer while more of the deeper color of a darker lipstick will shine through.

One of my favorite translucent powders.  The key to this is not using the attached buff pad, I found it didn't allow me the kind of control I wanted when applying.  What I do is unscrew the cap from the base and I get a small amount on a giant fluffy brush then I pat and buff all over my face.  You only need a little bit of this cause it goes a long way.  It's translucent as I said so it won't change the color of your skin or foundation either.  Plus when you pat it on and then buff I've found this powder does the best to really set my foundation.  Patting presses the powder into the foundation giving it something more to hold on to.  This powder also does a good job of minimizing skin imperfections and fine lines.  I don't do a full face of make-up every day but when I do I reach for this every time cause it's just perfect.

All hail my Holy Grail, that which brought me back to make-up use and took away my creasing eye shadow!  Any of UD's EPPs are fabulous, and now they are available in 4 colors.  The original is by far the best for any skin tone since it dries clear and does not change the color or consistency of any eyeshadow colors applied.  It also does not lock shadow in place right away which gives you plenty of time to blend and buff as needed.  This should be a staple of every one's make-up kit no matter what your make-up experience level is.

I was quite pleased with this mascara.  It did hold a decent curl on my lashes after I curled them and used this.  Let it be known that my lashes do not hold curl for beans and this mascara held some of the curl but my lashes still fought back and attempted to return to stick straight configuration.  I read some where that your eye lashes will act like your head hair, meaning if you head hair doesn't hold curl then neither with your lashes.  Course I think part of my lash problem is too much mascara much like too much product weighs down my hair.  But I digress here.  The wand is a nice curved wand that has the plastic comb bristles.  I like this cause I can get the perfect amount on each lash with no clumping and the comb does a good job of keeping my lashes separated.  The size is a little hard to use on my lower lashes being that they are smaller and shorter, so women with shorter lashes might have some trouble.  Beyond that it is a great mascara and it's new from Urban Decay this year as well.

 I've only used this spray a few times and I've never trialed it for overnight.  I will say that the few times I used it during the day for work it did seem to set my make-up very well.  However I don't normally have make-up disappearing issues just oily/shiny face issues.  It did not add any more shine to my face nor did it keep my shine at bay but it did keep my make-up in place for things like blowing my nose.  I know that sounds gross but when I blow my nose I notice that I tend to wipe whatever is on my nose makeup wise off.  When I used the setting spray very little to none of the makeup on my nose went missing.

Gift package reusable box

I don't own this but I can speak on other solid packaging from UD I do have, namely their Book of Shadows palettes.  They tend to be of good solid construction and hold up well to wear, tear, the odd cat, fall off the shelf, travel, and whatever else you can throw at it.  Not to mention the box designs tend to be edgy and unique.

So there you have it, my quick over view of some of the product found inside Urban Decay's Urban Bride collection.  Available online from UrbanDecay.com and in stores.

Will you be walking down the aisle with one?


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