Too Faced Blushing Bride Collection - Initial Thoughts

Too Faced also has an answer to the Bridal Season this year with their Blushing Bride Collection.  Filled to brimming in a lovely cosmetics bag you'll find 3 full size and 3 travel size versions of this years must have as well as best sellers.
Inside you'll find:
Romantic Eye Classic Beauty Eye Shadow Collection (full size palette)
Lash Injection Mascara (full size)
Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer
Primed & Poreless Face Primer
Lip Insurance Lip Primer
Glamour Gloss in Barely Legal (full size)
Look of Love Makeup Bag

I grabbed this as soon as it came out in the Spring and I am in love with this palette.  It's a mix of classic neutral shades, flattering pinks, and deep smokey hues.  This palette let's you do a work friendly look and a night on the town look in one palette and you don't have to stick to the laid out rows of  colors either.  You can let your brush wander all over the palette if you like or if you are new or still learning then feel free to pick a row and apply.  The palette also comes with 3 make-up look cards, like many of Too Faced's palettes do.  These are simple and easy to follow instructions too.  I'm a palette fanatic and I love collecting them, this one is no exception.

 A look inside the Romantic Eye collection.

Oh Lash Injection, for perfect fluttery natural looking baby doll lashes you are my go to.  You never clump, you apply the right amount of mascara without making my lashes look unnaturally dark or black, and you don't make my lashes look fake either.  Just full and perfect.  My only complaint is what you do when I blink.  See as the day wears on my face starts to get shiny, you may have heard me gripe about this all ready.  Any way, because of this as I blink a little bit of the mascara will start to transfer to below my eyes that I then have to try to remove or blend away.  A larger number of mascaras do this to me, so this problem is not just this mascara but if you do have this sort of problem because of oily skin bear that in mind.  I have found that adding some extra powder or coverage to below the eye does help a little but no matter I will still reach for you when I want fluttery baby doll awesome lashes. <3

Another Holy Grail and staple of mine.  This primer does have a slightly tinted base to it, not a lot but enough that sometimes I can fake using this as a concealer under my eyes.  It's not great but on days I'm in a hurry it works for that purpose.  As a primer itself it does wonders.  It locks my shadow in place, never creases or migrates, and also does not change the color of the eye shadow I use.  I have a million travel size tubes floating around my make-up cubby of this and I always try to stash a few in my kit for travelling or work.  It should be in every one's kit.

I have not tested this out as much as I would like, mostly because I don't do a full face every day.  When I have used this I have no complaints.  It glides on effortlessly, does not clog my pores, helps to minimize my pores and fine lines, and creates a soft blendable base for my foundation to adhere to.

Lip Insurance Lip Primer

I do not have any Too Faced lip insurance and cannot speak on it's usage, but if it's anything like their other insurances I would guess it's top notch.

I do not have Barely Leg but I do have two other Glamour Glosses in Plus and Pillow Talk.  These are sticky sadly, but not terribly so to cause gloss monster mouth nor does the sticky last terribly long.  Course stickiness will occur during reapplication which you'll need based on how often it wears on your lips.  I'm a chronic lip chewer so speaking on wear of lipstick is hard for me since most things don't last normal wear time.  However Glamour Gloss does leave enough color after wear that you won't feel naked on the lips and the colors are sheer and designed to enhance your natural lip color.  A good pick for gloss lovers.

 I do not have the Look of Love Bag but I do have another make-up bag from Too Faced's Faerie Collection which has been serving as my work kit since about December.  It's a thick sturdy little bag, double stitched pleather with a solid plastic zipper.  Mine isn't very big but the squarish shape has held together very well.  My only complaint is mine does not have any inside pockets, I do not know if the Look of Love bag does.  Still for a cosmetic bag it is a good bag to have and will last you quite a while.

The Blushing Bride Collection is available online at to the best of my knowledge.

So what do you think?  Will you be Blushing this year?


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