Special Delivery - NARS Summer Collection Preview

Look what I got!!  Yes yes yes it is what I got from the NARS Summer Collection!  Are you excited?  Cause I know I am!  Here's some pictures to wet your appetite...

Isn't Cape Ferrat lovely?  The pictures don't do the rich green and blue colors justice.  This is a lovely trio of colors.  Here it is up close.

Remind me next time to not take pictures on an overcast day.  The colors just wash out too much. 

Next we have the lovely Exotic Dance. 

Isn't she scrumptious?  The metallic bronze side is my favourite and works so well with the white.  You wouldn't think so but when you swatch them side by side, just perfect.

My favourite piece of all Dogon!  I am in love with this one.  Love!  Love!  Love I say!  This one is going to be the must have piece for the Summer.  I can feel it!

Trust me duckies it was so hard to not dip my fingers in immediately upon opening.  I wanted to get in there and start playing and experimenting.  I think I restrained myself well enough to share some untouched photos.

As you noticed I only picked up the eye shadows.  I swatched the lip colors and the eye crayons but just wasn't feeling it.  Queen soft shadow crayon was just all yellow green glitter that did not flatter my skin tone at all.  Being a Faerie it was hard to pass but I had to say no.  Carthage matte lipstick was bright beyond bright pink and while I could have pulled it off I didn't see it being one I would grab more than once a year.  Wallflower lipstick was a knock off for my skin tone and you barely noticed I had anything on.  New Order blush was not flattering for me at all.  Sadly my Sephora did not have Bolero lip pencil or Wonder lip gloss in stock but I will be going back to swatch and possibly add.  OH!  I almost forgot one more pic!

This is Kismet and this lovely shade of metallic sunflower yellow is NARS' answer to the yellow nail polish craze that you'll be seeing this summer.  If you're like me and are also scared of the jaundice yellow nails being sported by celebrities and models this color just might be your answer.  I tried Ecume but felt it made my nails look like I was wearing white-out.  Did anyone else paint their nails with white-out as a kid?  Or am I the only weird one that tried that? 

Any way...I will be swatching, experimenting (hopefully if work and life allows) with all of these in short order and bringing it all to you.  Hopefully the pictures will tide you over till then.

What are you loving from NARS this summer?


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