Special Delivery - MAC Surf Baby Collection

Warning this post may contain mass amounts of totally tubular MAC Surf Baby collection goodness!!  Consider yourself warned!

I cannot wait to try all these but I was able to restrain myself and get a bunch of pictures for you.  Enjoy!

Everything unboxed.

MAC Surf Baby! Cheek Powder in My Paradise.  Loving that gold overlay!

MAC Swell Baby eye shadow (satin).  This one really captured my attention and I think will be a perfect summer color I'll be going to again and again.

MAC eye pencils in Gilded White and Blue Noon.  Gilded White is going to be a nice inner eye liner and highlighter.

From left to right: Naturally Eccentric (Lustre), Hibiscus (Creme Sheen), Bust Out (Lustre), and Mocha (Satin).

A close up of these lovely ladies.

MAC Lipglasses.  Shimmery goodness abounds!

From left to right: Strange Potion (re promote from Venomous Villains), Good Lovin', Krazy Kahuna, and Girl On Board.

Close up love!

And finally Hangin' Loose nail polish (cream).

So what did you all get from the collection?  Share in the comments!


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